Production Design with Allan Starski

in Luxembourg
on the occasion of the 5th Luxembourg City Film Festival
in co-operation with d'filmakademie and Film Fund Luxembourg. 

Tutor was the legendary Polish production designer Allan Starski who shared some of the experiences from his vast body of work, using film excerpts, pictures and drawings for the production design on films such as SCHINDLER’S LIST (1994) and THE PIANIST (2003). This was followed by an extensive Q&A with the participants, moderated by Eithne O’Neill, Paris-based Irish film critic and journalist, and a screening of OLIVER TWIST (2005) by Roman Polanski. 

Alexis Juncosa, programme co-ordinator of the Luxembourg Film Festival and one of the co-organisers, stated: “We are extremely satisfied with the results and thrilled to imagine a chapter two to this collaboration,” adding how they would like "to give the slot a larger scale next year".