EFA Master Class 2004 

In an EFA Master Class, organised in co-operation with the Slovenian Film Fund, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Viba Film, director Mike Figgis (LEAVING LAS VEGAS, TIMECODE, HOTEL) took the participants through the entire making of a film, including pre- & post-production. The participants came from all different areas of filmmaking and from all over Europe to take part in this experiment at the Viba Film Studios in Ljubljana/Slovenia.

EFA MasterClass2004

EFA MasterClass2004

Ever since Mike Figgis had first been approached in 2002 about giving an EFA Master Class, it was certain to become a very special project: the idea was to shoot a 90-minute film with score in one week. A public screening on the last day brought a further thrill to the ambitious project.

The master class proved to be a huge challenge for everybody involved: But, as Mike Figgis explained, “It sounds like a daunting task but I am confident it can be done and also can be an interesting result. But most importantly it will be an interesting journey.” On this journey the participants explored the language of film, and in particular the mechanisms between filmmakers and audience: each genre has its rules under which the suspension of disbelief is taking place.

The question at the beginning was “How to combine vision and craft”, i.e. how to organically develop a working system: loose structures at the beginning, tight structures in the end. During the entire workshop Mike Figgis’ credo was: the simpler the form, the more room for creativity.

The week was full of intense discussions about filmmaking, intellectual domains, visions and crafts. At the same time, it was a week of very intense and partly exhausting work through day and night. At the end of the master class, a group of very enthusiastic and gifted filmmakers which named itself co/ma (co-operative marxist association) had completed - as planned - a 90-minute film under the supervision of Mike Figgis and the film was screened - also as planned - in a packed cinema on Sunday night.