Free Oleg Sentsov!

The Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who was involved in supporting the Euro Maidan protests in Kiev and who has opposed the annexation of Crimea by Russia, was arrested by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) in his house in Simferopol on 10 May 2014 and brought to Moscow where he was detained and awaiting trial for over a year.

Although the key witness had retracted his testimony as given “under duress”, the trial, based on the accusation of Oleg Sentsov having committed “crimes of a terrorist nature”, was continued, prosecution calling for a 23-year sentence. Supporters across Europe, institutional and individual, had gathered thousands of signatures supporting an EFA letter to the President of Russia and Russian authorities asking for Sentsov’s immediate release. “We have experienced an unprecedented wave of solidarity across Europe”, says EFA President Wim Wenders, “and that includes Russia, with people from all different backgrounds joining in their protest against the treatment of Oleg Sentsov.” 

But at the end of what Amnesty International described as “an unfair trial in a military court” Oleg Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in jail. “It is a very sad day but we must continue to protest and to make sure that Oleg Sentsov will not disappear in a prison somewhere”, said Wim Wenders, “We will do our best to keep his voice in public awareness, and we are confident that this great international coalition of institutions and individuals will continue co-operating for the cause of liberating Oleg Sentsov.“/>

In late November 2015, the Russian Supreme Court in Moscow confirmed the 20-year sentence and Oleg Sentsov was then moved to Yakutia.

In an effort to help Oleg Sentsov, the European Film Academy opened a bank account to collect donations for the coverage of legal expenses and to support his young children.
All donations are welcome – any amount will help! Thank you!


  • Wear the sticker "FREE OLEG SENTSOV" wherever you can
  • Write to your foreign minister
  • Send a letter to Oleg Sentsov
  • Add your name to the letter below by sending us an e-mail
  • Donate for the coverage of legal expenses and to support his young children.
    All donations are welcome
     – any amount will help! Thank you!  

    European Film Academy e.V. 
    IBAN: DE69 1005 0000 0190 3335 70  
    Reason for payment: Donation for Oleg Sentsov  

    PLEASE NOTE: EFA cannot issue donation receipts in this special case due to German tax rules! 

Background Information

The Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who was involved in supporting the Euro Maidan protests in Kiev and who has opposed the annexation of Crimea by Russia, was arrested by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) in his house in Simferopol on 10 May 2014 and brought to Moscow where he remained detained and awaiting trial for over a year. This trial was originally supposed to be on 11 October 2014 but was repeatedly postponed. Deeply worried about the way he was treated and whether he would ever face a fair trial, the international filmmaking community, as well as Amnesty International, started activities to support him. 

The next information was that he would be charged for having planned acts of a terrorist nature. What these acts might be and what the evidence might consist of remained unclear.

Since May 2014, the EFA has been active in trying to raise public awareness - a letter has been sent to the Russian authorities, an appeal sent out in co-operation with the French Film Directors’ Guild (SRF) and signed by hundreds of filmmakers across Europe, special screenings and events have been held, and a support fund was initiated. 

Oleg's producer Olga Zhurzhenko and his sister attended the European Film Awards 2014 in Riga (Latvia) as EFA guests. Olga addressed the EFA General Assembly and gave an update of the current situation with regard to Oleg's case and urged members to continue their support, encouraging members to write personal letters of support to Oleg.

A number of festivals have picked up the "empty chair" idea (including Oleg Sentsov in their jury to create attention): Venice, Warsaw, Motovun and San Sebastian - and the Polish Film Awards and Catalan Gaudi Awards. The Berlin IFF has mentioned his case in the press conference, calling for his release.

Oleg Sentsov was eventually, more than a year later, moved to Rostov-on-Don where the trial opened with the key witness for the prosecution retracting his testimony as “given under pressure and duress”. Shocked about the fact that the trial still continued and that prosecution called for a 23-year sentence, the European Film Academy wrote another letter to the Russian president and authorities calling for Oleg Sentsov's immediate release.

On 25 August 2015, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail, a sentence that was confirmed iIn late November 2015 by the Russian Supreme Court in Moscow. 

But we remain active and will continue our protest.

Letter to Free Oleg Sentsov

In the light of the proceedings in the case of the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov and the fact that he has been sentenced to 20 years in jail, we wish to support the initiative of the European Film Academy:

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - President of Russia 
Sergey Evgenyevich Naryshkin – Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Aleksandr Vasilievich Bortnikov - Director of the FSB 
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Kolokoltsev - Russian Minister of Internal Affairs 
Yuriy Yakovlevich Chaika - Prosecutor General  

From the moment when we learned that the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov was arrested by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) in his house in Simferopol on 11 May 2014, we have been deeply worried. We have followed the proceedings from a trial repeatedly being postponed until over one year later when it finally opened in Rostov-on-Don. Having observed the trial and especially the fact that the key witness for the prosecution has retracted his testimony as “given under pressure and duress”, we are shocked that the accusation of Oleg Sentsov having committed “crimes of a terrorist nature” was upheld and that he was sentenced to 20 years in jail.   

In the light of these circumstances, we respectfully call upon you 

•    to ensure the safety of Oleg Sentsov;
•    to have the charges dropped due to insufficient evidence;
•    to have the detained released immediately and unconditionally;
•    to ensure complete rehabilitation of the detained;
•    to instigate a full, prompt and impartial investigation into the apparently arbitrary detention by the FSB and Oleg Sentsov’s statements about torture in order to bring all those responsible to justice.  

Yours faithfully, 

Stephen Daldry, director, UK
Mike Downey, producer, UK
Agnieszka Holland, director, Poland
Dariusz Jablonski, producer, Poland
Aki Kaurismäki, director, Finland 
Mike Leigh, director, UK
Ken Loach, director, UK
Wojciech Marczewski, director, Poland
Daniel Olbrychski, actor, Poland
Volker Schlöndorff, director, Germany
Béla Tarr, director, Hungary
Bertrand Tavernier, director, France
Andrzej Wajda, director, Poland
Wim Wenders, director, Germany
Krzysztof Zanussi, director, Poland 

We wish to thank our friends at the national film academies who have forwarded this letter to their members asking for support but also to anyone who has added his or her name. Thank you! This is the list of supporters (last updated: 17 January 2019)

Hélène Aastrup Samuels, director, Sweden

Judith Abitbol, filmmaker, France

Jacqueline Abrahams, production designer, UK

Kasia Adamik, director, Poland

Bonnie Adams, Senior Program Director, USA

Eva af Geijerstam, critic, Sweden

Fabienne Aguado, Moulin d'Andé - Céci, France

Enrique Alcides, actor, Spain

Anastasia Alekseeva, producer, Russia

Tomaily Alekseyb, programmer, Russia

Leif Alexis, producer, Germany

Anton Alfimov, journalist, Russia

Andre Valentim Almeida, director, Portugal

Gunnar Almér, Swedish Film Institute, International Department

Catherine Almeras , actress, France

Esther Amuser, costume designer, Germany

Anders T Andersen, producer, Denmark

Kjell-Åke Andersson, director, Sweden

Christophe Andréi, director, France

Richard Andry, cinematographer AFC, France

Angeliki Antoniou, director, Greece 

Lesja Antonovych, teacher/translator, Ukraine

Gražina Arlickaitė, festival director, Lithuania

Pep Armengol, casting director/producer, Spain

Stefan Arsenijevic, director, Serbia

Yosif Assa, medical doctor, Bulgaria

Barbara Auer, actress, Hamburg, Germany

Alla Babakhina, registered nurse, USA

Stanislav Babitsky, retired, Volgograd, Russia

Lyudmila Bachinina, manager, Russia 

Marion Bailey, actress, United Kingdom

Julie Baines, producer, UK

Tanya Baker, Santa Cruz/California, USA

Vincent Bal, director, Belgium

Roman Balayan, director, Ukraine

Jan Balej, director, Czech Republic

Anne Ballschmieter, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Magdalena Banasik, film industry consultant, Poland/Germany

Costanza Julia Bani, producer, Sweden / Italy / Germany

Leonardo Baraldi, documentary producer, Italy

Melodie Bardin, cultural manager, Lebanon

Pavel Bardin, filmdirector, Russia

Juliana Bardolim, Berlin, Germany

Elena Barskova, engineer, Saratov, Russia

Isolde Barth, actress, Germany

Lars Barthel, cameraman, Germany

Jule Bartram, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Michael Bates, music & sound design, Australia

Christian Bau, director, Germany

Marc Bauder, director, Germany

Agda Bavi Pain, writer and scriptwriter, Slovakia

François Bayot, actor, France

Sophia Beck, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Maria Becker, actress, Moscow, Russia

Meret Becker, actress/musician, Berlin, Germany

Bibiana Beglau, actress, Germany

Giedrė Beinoriūtė, director, Lithuania

Nela Beislova, festival production co-ordinator, Czech Republic

Tatiana Belikova, banker, Moscow

Bianca Bellová,Czech Republic

Nicola Bellucci, director, Italy

Marina Belobrovaja, artist, Switzerland

Sandra Benedetti, journalist, France

Roberto Benigni, director, Italy

Annette Benmussa, France

Iris Berben, actress, Germany

Raphaël Berdugo, producer, France 

Catherine Ann Berger, Director SWISS FILMS, Switzerland

Julie Bergeron, Head of Industry Programs, Marché du Film, France

Lou Berghmans, Director of photography, Belgium 

Vjosa Berisha, festival director, Kosovo

Petra Berkovičová Raušová, film editor, Czech Republic

Xavier Bermúdez, filmmaker, Spain

Eddie Bertozzi, festival manager, Italy

Lucia Bertozzi, housewife, Italy

Bert Beyens, director, Belgium

Hermann Beyer, actor, Germany

Irina Bezrukov, company head/teacher education, Russia

Jürgen Biesinger, executive producer, European Film Awards, Germany

Graziella Bildesheim, director of Maia workshops, Italy

Jacob Bjelfvenstam, gaffer/cameraman, Sweden

Marie Bláhovcová, musician, Czech Republic

Susanne Blaschke, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Pnina Blayer artistic director, Haifa Film Festival, Israel

Martina Bleis, festival, Germany

Jean-Daniel Bloesch, director/producer, USA 

Ludvik Bohadlo, sound designer, producer, Czech Republic

Linda Boije af Gennäs, technician, Sweden

Minna Bolin, film music composer, Sweden

Cecilie Bolvinkel, Network and Partnerships Manager, European Documentary Network

Mark Bond, artist, UK

Kostadin Bonev, Head of Bulgarian Association of Film Directors

Fee Bonny, game developer, Germany

Jan Bonny, director, Germany

Catarina Martins Borga, Portugal 

Tatyana Borisova, journalist, Russia

Adam Borowski, actor of Teatr Ósmego Dnia (Theatre of the Eighth Day), Poland

Àngela Bosch Rius, producer, Spain 

Christoph Bovermann, European Film Academy, Germany

Jana Brabencova, assistant, Czech Republic

Olena Bramska, translator, Poland

Pavel Branko, film critic, Slovakia

Jean Etienne Brat, producer, France

Catherine Breillat,director, France

Ales Brezina, composer, Czech Republic

Alfred B. Broer, creative director, Netherlands

Jana Brožková, producer, Czech Republic

Martin Bruchman, actor, Germany

Beata Bubenec, Russia

Jeton Budima, director/film critic, Kosovo

Janez Burger, director, Slovenia 

Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen, director, Norway

Claudia Buthenhoff-Duffy, writer/director/producer, Germany

Agata Buzek, actress, Poland 

Victoria Cadogan-Rawlinson, writer/producer, USA/UK

Enzo De Camillis, Director, ANAC National Association of Cinematographic Authors, Italy

Philippe Carcassonne, producer, France

Adriana Carcu, journalist/author, Germany

Evgenia Cartozo, Marseille/France

Kujtim Çashku, director, Albania

Stefano Cattini, Italy

Fabio Cavalli, screenwriter, Italy

Claudio Cea

Veaceslav Cebotari, cinematographer, Moldova

Sehad Čekić, producer, Montenegro

Uldis Cekulis, producer, Latvia

Sergi Cervera, actor/director, Spain 

Daniel Chabannes de Sars, producer/distributor, France

Olga Chajdas , director, Poland 

Xes Chapela, filmmaker, Spain

Natalia Chepik, writer, Russia

Lou Chicoteau, producer, France

Adriana Chiesa di Palma, distributor/exhibitor, Italy

Gaga Chkheidze, director Tbilisi IFF, Georgia

Dr. Elena Christodoulidou, Senior Cultural Officer, Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus

Stéphanie Chuat, screenwriter, Switzerland

Evgeniya Chulkova, producer, Russia

Alexey Chupov, director, Russia

Hana Cielova, program director, Prague IFF, Czech Republic

Jorge Coira, director/editor, Spain

Tom Conroy, production designer, Ireland 

Ramón Costafreda García, director, Spain

Tanya Creedon, Dublin, Ireland

Radu Crihan, director, Russia

Manuel Martin Cuenca, writer/director, Spain

Ludmila Cvikova, film curator, Netherlands/Slovakia

Alina Cyranek, director, Germany

Oliver Damian, producer, Germany

Ketie Danelia, producer, Georgia 

Claas Danielsen, institutional, Germany

Jean-Pierre Dardenne, director, Belgium

Luc Dardenne, director, Belgium

Cathy de Haan, institutional, Germany

Fred de Ravignan, sound mixer, France

Luis Jorge de Sousa Brantuas, accountant, Portugal

Mathilde Dedye, producer, Sweden

Svetlana Demidova, translator, Bulgaria

Michaela Dererova, UX advisor, Slovakia

Dominique Deruddere, director, Belgium

Piera Detassis, president and artistic director, Accademia del cinema italiano - David di Donatello

Tania Detkina, Hruška a Krys s.r.o (Storytelling/Media Consulting), Czech Republic

Andrea Diers, physiotherapist, Germany

Emma Dixgård, producer, Sweden

Evgenia Dodina, actress, Israel

René Dohmen, composer, Germany

Anton Dolin, film critic, Russia

Christine Dollhofer, festival director, Austria 

Marion Döring, EFA Director, Germany

Jaco Van Dormael, director, Belgium

Oleg Dorman, director/screenwriter, Russia

Tomas Doruska, film editor, Czechia

Niko Dostal, teacher of Russian, Germany

Joanna Drozda, actress, Poland

Saulius Drunga, scriptwriter/director, Lithuania

Victor Dryzhov, videographer/musician, Russia

Göran du Reés, director, Sweden

Patrícia Duarte, Portugal

Caroline Ducrocq, France

Natalie Dufour, manager, France

Nenad Dukic, institutional, Serbia

JoJo Dye, event producer, UK

Roman Dymny, sound designer, France

Pawel Edelman, cinematographer, Poland

Pascal Edelmann, press officer, Germany

Susanna Edwards,documentary director, Sweden

Ólafur Egill Egilsson, screenwriter, Iceland

Daniel Elliott, director, UK

Svetlana Epifanova, manager of corporate culture, Russia

Maria Eriksson-Hecht, director, Sweden

Carlos Esbert, producer/filmmaker, Spain

Marta Estácio da Veiga, Portugal

Fabrice Esteve, producer, France

Tudur Evans, creative director, UK

Diana Fabiánová , documentary filmmaker,  Slovakia

Maeve Farias, editor, Switzerland/Argentina

Lisa Farzaneh, director, Sweden

Marina Fedina, actress/psychologist, Russia

Alexey Fedorchenko, director, Russia

Ulrich Felsberg, producer, Germany

Kristýna Fendrychová, social worker, Czech Republic

Pawel Ferdek, director, Poland

Davide Ferrario, director, Italy

Milena Fessmann, DJ/music supervisor, Germany

Olena Fetisova, director, Ukraine

Eva Fifikova, producer, Slovakia

Marta Figueras, producer, Spain 

John J. Filak, Jr., attorney and trade union official, USA

Anton Filatov, filmcritic FIPRESCI, Ukraine 

Undine Filter, producer DEPARTURES Film, Germany

Silvia Finazzi, office production Directorate-Generale Cinema, Italy

Konstantin Fisenko, actor/producer, Russia

Andrea Flesch, costume designer, Hungary 

Guillermo Florez, director/producer, Spain/theNetherlands

Hermann Florin, producer, Germany

Libor Fojtik, photographer/ documentary film maker, Czech Republic

Jan Foll, film critique, Czech Republic

Ivana Follova, costume & fashion designer, Czech Republic

Klara B. Follova, film & TV producer, Czech Republic

Dagmar Forelle, Berlin IFF, Germany

Jamie Forshaw, production manager, Europe & America

Amparo Fortuny, filmmaker, Spain

William Edouard Franck, sound designer, Germany

Mark Freeman, professor, School of Theatre, Television, and Film, San Diego State University, USA

Maren-Kea Freese, author/director, Germany

Jan Sebastian Friedrich-Rust, Executive Director, Aktion gegen den Hunger, Germany

Friederike Fröhner, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Belén Funes, director, Spain

Igor Furmanchuk, businessman, Ukraine

Alvaro Gago Díaz, filmmaker, Spain

Dominik Gajarský, artist, Czech Republic

Giovanni Galavotti, screenwriter, Italy

Teona Galgotiu, film student and festival manager, Romania

Rocío García, journalist, Spain

Javor Gardev, director, Bulgaria

Vjekoslav Gasparovic, cinematographer, Croatia

Massimo Gaudioso, scriptwriter, Italy

Georg Georgi, agent, Germany

Tanja Georgieva, producer, Germany

Dr. Christina Georgiou, composer / screenwriter, Cyprus

Henrik Georgsson, Film Director Sweden

Elvira Geppert, producer, Germany

Nicole Gerhards, producer, Germany

German Documentary Association AG DOK e.V. 

Iulian Manuel Ghervas, film director, Romania

Krzysztof Gierat, festival director, Poland

Yevgeny Gindilis, producer, Russia

Prof. Zuzana Gindl-Tatarova, screenwriter, Slovakia

Gorki Glaser Müller, film director, Sweden

Susan Gluth, camerawoman/director/producer, Germany

goEast Film Festival 

Ingrid Gogny, director, France

Shai Goldman, cinematographer, Israel

Małgorzata Goliszewska, director, Poland

Jonas Golland, composer/percussionist, UK 

Vladimir Golovnitski, sound designer, Lithuania

Leon Golterman, screenwriter/director, Netherlands

Mike Goodridge, Chief Executive Officer, Protagonist Pictures, UK

Stanislav Gorshover, programmer, Dortmund, Germany

Igor Gorsky, pharmaceutical technology consultant, USA

Oli Gots, Producer/Writer, Co-founder of Film Doctor, UK/Bulgaria/Ukraine

Alexander Goutman, director/producer, Russia

Irina Grantovskaya, producer, Russia

Angela Gregovic, actress, Austria

Alena Gres, costume designer, Ukraine

Grigory Grishin, Russia

Rajko Grlić, director, Croatia 

Jacco Groen, director/ producer, the Netherlands

Vladimir Gromov, screenwriter, Russia

Rémy Gruenenberger, France

Alex Gryazin, engineer, Ukraine

Dmitry Igorevich Gubarevsky, screenwriter, Russia

Irina Gubernik, choreographer, Dortmund, Germany

Pascal Guerrin, Director General, Bonne Pioche Productions, France

Marina Gumzi, producer, Slovenia

Renée Gundelach, Media Expert and Film Consultant, Berlin, Germany

Göran Gunér, producer/director, Sweden

Grigory Guryanov, architect, Russia

Katerina Gushina, lawyer/sociologist, Russia

Elisabet Gustafsson, director, Sweden

Roman Gutek, distributor/festival director, Poland

Prof. Michael Gutmann, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, Germany

Francois Haller, Amiens, France

Arto Halonen, director, Finland

Filmfest Hamburg, Germany

Birch Hamilton, executive director Screen Directors Guild of Ireland

Per Hanefjord, director, Sweden

Christine Haupt, producer, Germany

Stefan Haupt, Fontana Film GmbH, Switzerland

Stephan Georg Hauptmann, DOP & Photographer, Germany 

Irina Heckmann, documentary filmmaker, Germany

Timo Heinänen, cinematographer/professor, Finland

Maria Herbich, producer, Poland

Anka Herbut, critic & dramaturg, Poland

Lothar Herzog, director, Germany

Katja Hevemeyer, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Anna Hints, writer/director, Estonia

Danijel Hočevar, producer, Slovenia

Oliver Hockenhull, filmmaker, Canada

Andrea Hohnen, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Markos Holevas, director, Greece

Lena Holosiy, director, Russia

Michal Holubec, technician, Czech Republic

Haruna Honcoop, independent filmmaker, Prague, Czech Republic 

Klara Horackova, teacher, Czech Republic

Sherry Hormann, director, Germany

Viktoria Hozzova, producer, Czech Republic

Nina Hurnÿ Pimenta Lima,  artista plástica,  Germany / Portugal

Damir Ibrahimovic, producer, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Maria Iliou, director, Greece

Martin Jabs, filmmaker, Germany

Jörg Jacob, exhibitor, Germany

Gesa Jäger, film editor, Germany

Nana Janelidze, director, Georgia

Beate Jensen, actress, Germany

Petr Jindra, art historian, Czech Republic

Grimar Jonsson, Producer, Iceland 

Kyran Joughin, writer, UK

Radu Jude, director, Romania

Sergej Jurisdizki, cinematographer

Anna Justice, director, Germany

Sergei Kachkin, director/producer, Russia

Arvin Kananian, actor, Sweden

Laszlo Kantor, producer, Hungary

Karin Kaper, director, Germany

Marit Kapla, institutional, Sweden

Valeria Kasiyanenko, manager, Russia 

Mika Kaurismäki, director, Finland

Andrzej Kawala, festival director, Lubuskie Lato Filmowe, Poland

Vesela Kazakova, director, Bulgaria

Dorota Kedzierzawska, director, Poland

Robbie Kelly, copy editor, UK

Petri Kemppinen, institutional, Finland/Norway

Mina Keshavarz, documentary filmmaker/producer, Iran

Erwin Keusch, director/writer, Germany

Vladimir Kharchenkо-Kulikovskiy, director/producer, Russia

Teo Khatiashvili, film critic, Georgia

Petr Khazizov, filmmaker

Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, director, Russia

Roen Kiewik, producer, Revolver Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

Vladimir Kilburg, producer/director, Russia

Jolanta Kilian, director, Poland

Evgenia Killikh, film firector, Russia

Barbora Kinkalova, producer, Czech Republic

Markéta Kinterová, artist, Czech Republic

Svetlana Kirilova, editor, Bulgaria

Philipp Kirsamer, DOP, Germany

Stefan Kitanov, producer, Bulgaria 

Jaan-Jûrgen Klaus, Estonia

Rainer Klausmann, DOP, Switzerland

Naum Kleiman, film historian, Russia

Marianne Kleven, Union leader, Directors Guild of Norway

Uwe Klimmeck, editor, Germany

Marina Kobenko, Kiev, Ukraine

Wplfgang Kohlhaase, screenwriter, Germany

Martin Kohout, artist/filmmaker

Frantisek Kölbel, director, Czech Republic

Olga Kolisnichenko, Italy

Rainer Kölmel, producer, Germany

Masha Kondakova, director, Ukraine

Anna Konik, video artist, Warsaw/Berlin

Oksana Konstantinovska

Olga Konyakhina, manager for trade marketing, Russia

Elena Konyushikhina, researcher, Russia

Andrii Kositsyn, engineer, Ukraine

Arto Koskinen, director, Finland

Chia Koskinen, institutional, Finland

Victor Kossakovsky, director, Russia

Julia Kostik, production manager, Canada

Lisbeth Kovacic, director, Vienna

Olga Kovaleva, saleswoman, Moscow, Russia

Ivanna Kozak, producer, Germany

Damjan Kozole, director, Slovenia

Krakow Krakow Film Festival, Poland

Aleksey Krasovsky, writer/director, Russia

Christoph Krauss, cinematographer, Germany

Hana Křepelková Rezková, RSJ Foundation, Czech Republic

Richard Krivda, cinematographer, Slovakia

Zuzana Kronerova, actress, Slovakia

Nina Kronjäger, actress/producer, Germany

Anna Kubatova, inspector, Czech Republic

Johannes Kuhnke, actor, Sweden

Heikki Kujanpää, chairman of Finnish Film Directors Association

Dea Kulumbegashvili, director, Georgia

Daniel Kurowski, front-end designer, Czech Republic

Elena Kuznetsova, personnel officer, Russia

Giorgi Kvachadze, producer, Tbilisi, Georgia

Martyna Lach, producer

Janine Lages, Portugal

Alvin Lai, cinephile, USA

Katerina Lambrinova, film critic and scriptwriter, Bulgaria

Sandra Lampugnani, agent, Germany

Claudia Landsberger, institutional, the Netherlands 

Martin Langer, DoP, Germany

Barbora Langmajerova, Project Coordinator, Doc Alliance Films, Czech Republic

Clara Laperrousaz, director/ screenwriter

Jérôme Laperrousaz, director

Laura Laperrousaz, director/ screenwriter

Rolf Lassgård, actor, Sweden

Alice Latta, documentary filmmaker, Belgium

Felice Laudadio, institutional, Italy 

Evgeniy Lavrentev, director/screenwriter, Russia

Tony Lawson, editor, UK

Daniil Lebedev, writer, France

Juraj Lehotský, director, Slovakia

Richard Lehun, director, Germany

Tina Leisch, filmmaker, Austria

Mikhail Lemkhin, journalist/photographer, USA

Piotr Lenar, cinematographer/President of AMA Film School, Poland

Sanna Lenken, director, Sweden

Ellen Lens, costume designer, the Netherlands

Lise Lense-Møller, producer, Denmark

Anne Leppin, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Dani Levy, director, Germany 

Vigdis Lian, film advisor, Norway

André Libik, producer, Hungary 

Marge Liiske, institutional, Estonia

Elizabeth Likhachev, artist, Russia

Vladimir Lissitzky, architect, Israel

Toño López, TV series director, Spain 

Konstantin Lopushansky, director, Russia

Thora Lorentzen, director, Denmark

Marcel Lozinski, director, Poland

Aina Lubarova, translator, Russia

Prof. Tadeusz Lubelski, historian of cinema, Poland

Gytis Luksas, director, President of Lithuanian Filmmakers Union

Stefan Lukschy, director/writer, Germany

Lada Luna, Russia

Pia Lundberg, Swedish Film Institute, International Department

Melissa Lundgren, Program Director Tempo Documentary Festival, Sweden

Erik Lundin, director/actor, Sweden

Nadine Luque, film distribution professional, Spain/UK

Angelina Maccarone, director, Germany 

Łukasz M. Maciejewski, writer, Poland

David Mackenzie, director, Scotland, UK

Peter Madej, expedition yacht captain, Poland

Ivan Madeo, producer, Switzerland

Christa Maerker, director, Germany

Roni Mahadav-Levin, General Manager, Holon Cinematheque, Israel

Jakub Mahler, producer, Czech Republic

Montserrat Majench, institutional, Spain

Yuriy Makar, chemical engineer, USA

Vlada Malaeva, sociologist, Russia

Dr. Katerina Malichin, Clinical Psychologist – Psychanalyst, Greece

Maire Malinovski, Estonian Kinoliit

Tuuli Malinovski, Estonia Kinoliit

Alina Manolache, director, Romania

Vitaly Manskiy, director/President Artdocfest, Russia/Latvia

Svetlana Manukova, Russia

Lele Marchitelli, composer, Italy

Vaclav Marhoul, director, Czech Republic

Alexandra Maringer, production designer, Austria

Pavo Marinković, writer/director, Croatia

Maša Marković, Institute of Documentary Film, Prague, Czech Republic

Gesa Marten, film editor/lecturer, Germany

Guillaume Massart, director/producer, France

Jolana Matějková, director, Czech Republic

Arunas Matelis ,film director and producer, Lithuania 

Boris T. Matić, producer/festival director, Croatia

Victor Matizen, cinema critic, Russia

Ulrich Matthes, actor, Germany

Patricia Mazuy, director, France

Chris McCormack, Assistant Editor and Production Manager, UK

Prof. Jeanine Meerapfel, President of the Academy of Arts, Berlin 

Stephen Melchiori, festival, France

Juliette Ménager, Joule Studio, France

Professor Noémie Mendelle, Director, Scottish Documentary Institute

Natasha Merkulova, director, Russia

Gesa Merten, editor, Germany

Riccarda Merten-Eicher, costume designer, Germany

Bernard Michaux, producer, Luxembourg

Barbora Michková, project co-ordinator, Czech Republic

Rozana Mihalache, artistic coordinator Green Hours & MONDAY Theater @ Green Hours, Bucharest, Romania

Anastasiy Mikhaylov, DOP, Russia

Mina Mileva, director, UK

Laura Milheiro, producer, Portugal

Anne Milne, director, United Kingdom

Rick Minnich, director, Germany

Paco Mir

Zuzana Mistríková, producer, Slovakia

Labina Mitevska, Macedonia, actress and producer

Agneta Mogren, Festival Director Tempo Documentary Festival, Sweden

Phyllis Mollet, Consultant International Film Industry, former FIAPF's director of festivals, France

Daniel Monzón Jerez, director, Spain 

Tatiana Morozova, manager, Russia

Edik Moshkovich, cinematographer, Russia

Pawel Mossakowski, producer, Russia

Fernand Moszkowicz, director, France 

Birgit Müller, social worker/coach, Leipzig/Germany

Richy Müller, actor, Germany

Nelly Muminov, editor/columnist, Russia

Cristian Mungiu, director, Romania

Caterina Murino, actress, Italy

Matthias Müsse, Berlin, Germany

Lynda Myles, producer, UK

Iya Myslytska, producer, Ukraine

Rudolf Nadler, Autor, Berlin

Suzanna Nagao, manager, Russia

Alexander Nagrudny, producer, Russia

Walter Nagy, Institute of Documentary Film, Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Najman, filmmaker, France

Evita Naušová,  author/screenwriter,  Czech Republic

Béatrice Navajas, France

Elena Nayman

Paul Negoescu, director, Romania

Kirill Nenashev, director, Russia

Dorothea Neukirchen, actress/director, Germany

Professor Albert G. Nigrin, executive director/curator, New Jersey IFF, USA

Simona Nobile, screenwriter/story editor

John Nordling, producer, Sweden

Zrinko Ogresta, film director, Croatia

Olga Okrepilova, director, Russia

Dijana Olcay-Hot, producer, Revolver Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

Christina Olofson, director, Sweden 

Mattias Olsson, director, Sweden

Sophia Olsson, cinematographer, Sweden

Floor Onrust, producer, the Netherlands 

Joachim Ortmanns, producer, Germany

Arsen Anton Ostojic, director, Croatia

Ivan Ostrochovsky, director/producer, Slovakia 

Valerii Otstavnyh, documentary film director, Russia

Fanny Ovesen, director, Norway

Hynek Pallas, Journalist/writer/documentary filmmaker, Sweden/Czech Republic

Anneta Papathanassiou, director, Greece

Isabella Parkinson, actress, Germany

Paola Paruta, PhD student, Switzerland

Uberto Pasolini, producer, United Kingdom 

Ioana Paun, director, Romania

Paul Pauwels, Director, European Documentary Network

Peder Pedersen, director, Denmark

Sverre Pedersen, President Norwegian Film Makers Association 

Elena Pedrazzoli, producer Peacock Film, Zurich, Switzerland

Adela Peeva, director, Bulgaria

Robert Adrian Pejo, director, Hungary 

Lia Perez, actress, Germany

Lourdes Pérez, costume designer, Spain

Annie Perier, costume désigner, France

René Perraudin, director, Germany

Laurence Petit-Jouvet, filmmaker, France

Boris Petkovic, film director, Slovenia

Magne Pettersen, director / Screenwriter / producer, Norway

Andreas Pietschmann, actor, Germany

Claire Pijman, cinematographer, the Netherlands 

Vaughan Pilikian, director, UK

Lucia Piussi, songwriter, Slovakia

Paco Poch, producer, Spain

Gergely Poharnok, DoP, Hungary

Waldemar Pokromski, make-up artist, Poland

Ariane Pollo, Deputy CEO, Swiss Filmmakers Association

Mariia Ponomarova, director, Ukraine

Ventura Pons, director, Spain 

Aleksandr Popov, builder, Stockholm, Sweden

Liliana Pontes, lawyer, Portugal

Theodor-Cristian Popescu, director, Romania

Luís Porto, director, Portugal

Lucy Poulton, Artist, UK

Maggie Poulton, UK

Pierre Primetens, filmmaker, France

Martin Provost, director, France 

Marco Simon Puccioni, director/screenwriter, Italy

María Luisa Pujol Canals, institutional, Spain

Edvinas Pukšta, programmer Vilnius IFF, Lithuania

Lord David Puttnam, producer, UK/Ireland

Sarah Radclyffe, producer, United Kingdom

Voicu Rădescu, director Green Hours & MONDAY Theater @ Green Hours, Bucharest, Romania

Ramune Rakauskaite, film director, Lithuania

Aleksandr Rakhilkin, entrepreneur, Samara, Russia

Natalya Rapoport Evseevna, architect, Russia

David J. Rauschning, editor, Germany

Marina Razbezhkina, director, Russia

José Luis Rebordinos, director San Sebastian FF, Spain

Tanja Reddan, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Carl-Eric Reidler, theatre director/teacher, Sweden

Arthur Reinhart, cinematographer, Poland

Markus Reischl, media manager, Germany

Johannes Rexin, producer, Germany

Grigory Riajski, writer/screenwriter/producer, Russia

Laure Ribaud, teacher, France

Valeria Richter, institutional, Denmark

Judith Riechert, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Kateryna Rietz-Rakul, Autorin, Berlin

André Rigaut, sound engineer, France

Jana Ripplová, KineDok project manager Institute of Documentary Film, Czech Republic

Alexander Ris, managing director/producer, Germany

Florence Ritter, art department, France

Roman Rjachovský, scenographer, Slovakia

Ally Roberts, producer, UK

Vladуslav Robski, film director, Ukraine

Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International Inc., Canada

Gutier Rolán, director, Spain

Ruthy Rom, author, Israel

Olga Romanova, producer, Ukraine

Johannes Rosenberger, producer, Austria 

Cecilia Roth, actress, Argentina

Christian Rouaud, director, France

Jean Michel Roux, director, France

Maxim Rozhkov, director, Russia

Susann Rüdlinger, producer Cobra Film AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Siemen Rühaak, actor, Germany

Andrei Rus, film critic and festival programmer, Romania

Lisa Maria Russo, producer, UK

Sara Rüster, Swedish Film Institute, International Department

Jožko Rutar, producer, Slovenia

Alice Růžičková, documentary director, Czech Republic

Gudrun Ruzickova-Steiner, producer, Germany

Pavel Ruzyak, director, Czech Republic

Anna Sagalovskaya, agent, Germany

Oriol Sala-Patau, producer, Spain

Elena Saly, bank employee, UK

Nesrin Samdereli, screenwriter, Germany

Martin Samper, director, Spain

Beth Sanders, producer, UK

Pavel Sandul, director, Czech Republic

Lamberto Sanfelice, director, Italy

Pierre Santini, actor/director, France 

Renata Santoro, programmer, Giornate Degli Autori, Italy

Andreia Santos, cinematographer, Portugal

Rita Santos Silva, production coordinator, Portugal

Marketa Santrochova, Head of Czech Film Center/Czech Film Fund                                             

Nevina Satta,  CEO Fondazione SARDEGNA Film Commission, Vice President Italian Film Commissions,  Board Member CineRegio, EU

Greta Scacchi, actress, Italy 

Dr. Giacomo Scarpelli, screenwriter, Italy

Johanna Schartau, artist/documentary director, Sweden

Christoph Schaub, director, Switzerland

 Jenny Schily, actress, Germany

Ariane Schluter, actress, The Netherlands

Anka Schmid, director, Switzerland

Rachel Schmid, script consultant, Switzerland

Alexandra Schmidt, Festival Director FILMFEST DRESDEN, Germany

Gerhard Schmidt, producer, Germany

Marie-Luise Schmidt, agent, Germany

Ute Schneider, producer, Germany

Birte Schnöink, actress, Germany

Pierre Schœller, director, France

René Schoenenberger, actor, Switzerland

Gunther Scholz, director, Germany

Dorothee Schön, scriptwriter, Germany

Andreas Schreitmüller, Head of Fiction and Cinema Department ARTE, Strasbourg, France 

André Schreuders, filmmaker, Netherlands

Angelika Schuster, director/representative of One World Filmclubs, Austria

Andrew Schutsky, director/playwright, Lithuania

Reinhard Schwabenitzky, director, Austria 

Bettina Schwarz, European Film Academy, Germany

Kenneth Scicluna, director, Malta

Ing. Jindřich Sedláček, TCM therapist, Czech Republic

Vit Sedlacek, project manager, Czech Republic

Konstantin Seliverstov, director, Russia

Danilo Šerbedžija, President, Croatian Film Directors' Guild

Julius Sevcik, director, Czech Republic

Sergei Shablovsky, CEO/Executive Director, Radio for Oneness, Ukraine/USA

Sergei Shavshukov, Moscow, Russia

Natalia Shematinova, film critic/director/editor, Russia

Uliana Shilkina, director, Russia/Montenegro

Alex Shiriaieff

Dmitry Shlikov, cinematographer, Russia

Alik Shpilyuk, institutional, Ukraine

Asya Shulbaeva, retired journalist, Russia

Kirill Shuvalov, production designer, Ukraine

Radovan Sibrt, director, Czech Republic

Hubertus Siegert, director, Germany

Alexej Sigalov, director, Austria

Olivier Sigaut, director, France

Slobodan Sijan, film director, Belgrade, Serbia

Julia Sillart, documentary director, Estonia

Antoine Simkine, producer, France

Balazs Simonyi, film director, Hungary

Tristan Sindelgruber, Director/representative of One World film clubs, Austria

Kati Sinisalo, critic/journalist, Finland

Julia Sinkevych, producer, Odessa International Film Festival, Ukraine

Áron Sipos, producer, Hungary

Drahoš Šišovič, director documentarist, Slovakia

Stellan Skarsgård, actor, Sweden 

Marko Skop, director, Slovakia

Elena Slaboshpitskaya, producer, Ukraine

Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, director, Ukraine

Marianne Slot, producer, France

Yuri Snop, Russia

Silvio Soldini, director, Italy

Ada Solomon, producer, Romania

Maria Solrun, director, Germany

Liudmila Somova, Russia

Elena Sorokine, designer, France

Rouslan Sorokine, engineer, France

Mimmi Spång, producer, Sweden

Frank Sputh, filmmaker, Germany

Andrea Staka, Director, Switzerland

Bernie Stampfer, International Film Partners, Germany

Svetlana Stasenko, director, Russia

Aleksandra Staszko, costume designer, Poland

Peca Stefan, playwright/screenwriter, Romania

Jos Stelling, director, The Netherlands 

Sergiy Stepansky, sound designer, Ukraine

Bill Stephens, UK 

Olivia Stewart, producer, United Kingdom 

Tania Stöcklin, editor, Switzerland

Hannes Stöhr, writer/director, Germany

Karla Stojakova, producer, Czech Republic

Heather Storr, script supervisor, UK

Karsten Stöter, producer, Germany

Prof. Juliana Stoyanova – writer, Bulgaria

Anjorka Strechel, actress, Germany

Alexandra Strelková, head of film promotion, Slovak Film Institute

Pavel Strnad, producer, Czech Republic

Andrea Suchankova, programmer, Czech Republic

Martin Šulík, director, Slovakia

Marc Susini, actor, France

Simona Susnea, cinematographer, Romania

Virpi Suutari, film director, Finland

Stephan Szász, actor, Germany

Dirk Szuszies, director, Germany

Davood Tafvizian, actor, Sweden

Katia-Anna Taguti, artist, Moscow, Russia

Tõnu Talpsep, cinematographer, Estonia

Eero Talvistu, producer, Estonia

Laura Tamosiunaite Sakaliene, director, Lithuania.

Alin Taşçıyan, institutional, Turkey 

Tamara Tatishvili, institutional, Georgia

Micha Terjung, producer, Germany

Michael Teutsch, DOP/producer, Germany

Mattia Tezzele, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Pierre-André Thiébaud, producer, Switzerland

Willem Thijssen, producer/director, Belgium

Jeremy Thomas, producer, UK

Snorri Thorisson, producer, Iceland

Andrey Timofeev, projectionist, Latvia

Hubert Toint, producer, Belgium 

Isabelle Tollenaere, filmmaker, Belgium

Cristina Toma, actress, Romania

Markus Tomczyk, actor, Germany

Katarina Tomkova, film consultant, Slovakia 

Raul Tõnurist, Estonian Filmmakers' Union

Giorgio Treves, director, Italy

Joachim Trier, director, Norway

Fien Troch, director, Belgium

Arina Trostyanetskaya, dancer/choreographer, Denmark

Caroline Troubetzkoy, director/producer, France

Dr. Curt Truninger, writer/director, Switzerland

Vitaliy Tsekhanovich, driver, Belarus

Richard Tůma, carpenter, Czech Republic

Alexandre Tylski, writer/professor/producer, France

Stefan Uhrik, program director, Prague IFF, Czech Republic

Beate Uhrmeister-Barz, producer/ consultant, Germany

Nicola Undritz, editor, Germany

Zaza Urushadze , president, Georgian Film Academy 

Martin Vadas, director and documentarist, chairman of FITES, Czech Republic

Colin Vaines, producer, UK

Andreea Valean , writer and director, Romania

Štěpán Maria Valenta, Institute of Documentary Film, Prague, Czech Republic

Lluís Valentí, Versus Films, Spain 

Carmelo Valone, writer/activist/social worker, USA

Willeke van Ammelrooy, actress, Netherlands

Dorien van de Pas, Netherlands Film Fund

Raymond van der Kaaij, managing director Revolver Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Alexander van Dülmen, producer, Germany

Klara Van Es, documentary filmmaker, Belgium

Alex van Warmerdam, director, the Netherlands

Marc van Warmerdam, producer, the Netherlands

Els Vandevorst, producer, The Netherlands 

David Vashadze, Georgian National Film Center, Georgia

Artem Vasiljev, producer, Russia

Katerina Vaskova, financial analyst, Czech Republic

Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer, Ukraine

Gonzalo E. Veloso, filmmaker, Spain

Ainara Vera, filmmaker, Spain

Vyacheslav Verbin, playwright/poet /screenwriter, Russia

Bertram Verhaag, director and producer, Germany

Michael Verhoeven, director, Germany

Simon Verhoeven, director, Germany

Gianni Vezzosi, editor, Italy

Jean-Renaud Viers, infographist, France

Julia Vikentieva, producer, Russia

Leslie Villiaume, director, France

Prof. Claudia von Alemann, director, Germany

Mirjam von Arx, director/producer, Switzerland

Molly von Fürstenberg, producer, Germany 

Gregory von Hausch, President & CEO Cinema Paradiso Releasing, USA

Marietta von Hausswolff, screenwriter, Sweden

Maria & Ingo von Heland, Berlin, Germany

Margarethe von Trotta, director, Germany

Nicolas Wadimoff, filmmaker, Switzerland

Christian Wagner, filmmaker, Germany

Julian R. Wagner, production designer, Germany

Stephan Wagner, director, Germany

Marc-Henri Wajnberg, producer, Belgium

Franziska Walser, actress, Germany

Laurens Walter, actor, Germany

Connie Walther, director, Germany

Julie Ward, MEP, UK

Peter Webber, director, UK

Florian Weghorn, festival, Germany

Maja Weiss, producer/director, Slovenia

Hansjörg Weißbrich, editor, Germany

Franziska Weisz, actress, Germany

Stina Werenfels, director, Switzerland 

Lenka Wienerová, Radio 1, Czech Republic

Ralph Wieser, producer, Austria

Sasha Wieser, distributor/exhibitor, Austria

Andrea Tatjana Wigger, Berlin, Germany

Els Willems, teacher, the Netherlands

Monika Willi, editor, Austria

Sonya Winterberg, journalist, Germany

Agnieszka Wlazel, president Impact Foundation, Poland

Irina Wolff, IT developer, Germany

Andy Wooding, director/writer, Co-founder of Film Doctor, UK

Terry Wragg, Leeds Animation Workshop, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Edyta Wróblewska, director, Poland

Marcin Wrona, director, Poland

Anna Wunderlich, production designer, Poland

Jordana Wissot, special education teacher, USA

Olga Yakovleva, Russia

Elena Yankelevich, journalist/documentary filmmaker, Russia

Ramin Yazdani, actor, Germany

Olena Yershova, Ukraine

Serhii Yevdokymov, entrepreneur, Illichivsk, Ukraine

Lyubo Yonchev, director/producer, Bulgaria

Estelle Robin You, producer, France

Tomislav Zaja, film director, Croatia

Ina D. Zakharova, Russia

Dean Zanuck, producer, USA

Janusz Zaorski, director, Poland

Marek Zawierucha, production designer, Poland

Alrun Ziemendorf, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH, Germany

Marc-Olivier Zimmermann, French Literature & media studies teacher, UK

Sergei Zinevich, film editor, Russia

Antonia Zülka, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany

Daniel Zuta, producer, Germany 

Viktorija Žuvela, student, Croatia

Marek Żydowicz, festival CEO, Poland 

Hermes Zygott, artist, Russia

Ruth Zylberman, filmmaker, France

Marcel Zyskind, cinematographer, Denmark


From the Polish Film Academy:

Jerzy Hoffman, director 
Paweł Pawlikowski, director 
Małgorzata Szumowska, director 
Juliusz Machulski, director
Jerzy Skolimowski, director
Joanna Kos-Krauze, director    
Andrzej Żuławski, director
Ewa Piaskowska, scriptwriter               
Janusz Majewski, director      
Janusz Głowacki, writer, scriptwriter      
Olena Leonenko, singer, composer 
Jan Kidawa-Błoński, director 
Wojciech Smarzowski, director   
Andrzej Jakimowski, director  
Allan Starski, art designer  
Violetta Kamińska, producer        
Ryszard Bugajski, director   
Filip Bajon, director       
Jacek Bławut, director   
Feliks Falk, director  
Izabela Wójcik, producer      
Stefan Laudyn, Warsaw Film Festival, director
Marcel Łoziński, director 
Paweł Łuczyc-Wyhowski, sound designer
Marcin Krzyształowicz, director
Dżamila Ankiewicz, scriptwriter, director
Andrzej Kiełczewski, producer
Grzegorz Kędzierski, DoP
Ewa Smal, film editor
Arkadiusz Jakubik, actor
Joanna Doroszkiewicz, art designer
Milenia Fiedler, film editor
Leszek Dawid, director
Łukasz Barczyk, director, scriptwriter
Rafał Maćkowiak, actor
Jan Kozikowski, art designer
Jagna Janicka, art designer, costume designer
Wit Dąbal, DoP
Małgorzata Braszka, costume designer
Maciej Strzembosz, producer
Agata Buzek, actress
Sławomir Fabicki, director
Łukasz Dzięcioł, producer
Józef Romasz, DoP
Eryk Lubos, actor
Grzegorz Pacek, director
Jerzy Kolasa, scriptwriter
Maciej Grzywaczewski, producer
Grzegorz Łoszewski, scriptwriter
Vita  Želakevičiūtė, director 
Dorota Roqueplo, costume designer
Wojciech Pacyna, director
Andrzej Seweryn, actor
Maciej Buszewicz, graphic     
Adam Ferency, actor
Dorota Segda, actress
Stanisław Radwan, composer
Jarosław Kamiński, film editor
Marek Świerkocki, scriptwriter
Magdalena Boczarska, actress
Wojciech Niżyński, scriptwriter
Karina Kleszczewska, DoP
Wojciech Zimiński, scriptwriter
Maciej Karpiński, scriptwriter
Magdalena Szwarcbart, casting director
Ewa Wencel, actress, scriptwriter
Grzegorz Daroń, composer
Zbigniew Niciński, film editor
Andrzej Chyra, actor
Irena Strzałkowska, Polish representative in Eurimages
Mirosław  Dembiński, director, producer
Jacek Mierosławski, camera operator
Hanna  Skowrońska-Zbrowska, film editor
Czesław Paweł Poppe, production manager
Dariusz Pietrykowski, producer
Adam Bajerski, DoP
Ryszard Brylski, director
Bogdan Sölle, art designer
Violetta Buhl, casting director
Karolina Bielawska, director
Aleksandra Staszko, costume designer
Ewa Puszczyńska, producer
Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz, director
Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, director
Dorota Kamińska, actress
Wojciech Biedroń, director
Maciej Drygas, director
Andrzej Górny, writer, scriptwriter
Wojciech Kabarowski, producer
Anna Jadowska, scriptwriter, director
Radosław Piwowarski, director
Radek Ładczuk, DoP
Krzysztof Dumieński, producer/distributor
Janusz Yanina Iwański, composer
Jan Mogilnicki, camera operator, film distributor 
Dominique Lesage, producer
Marek Żydowicz, Camerimage film festival, director 
Waldemar Pokromski, makeup designer
Mikołaj Pokromski, producer
Dorota Kędzierzawska, director
Ryszard Maciej Nyczka, director
Bodo Kox, director, scriptwriter
Joanna Macha, art designer
Andrzej Dziurawiec, writer, scriptwriter
Bartłomiej Woźniak, sound designer
Maciej Melecki, poet, scriptwriter 
Anna Nehrebecka, actress
Krzysztof Jastrząb, sound designer
Roman Suszyński, DoP
Ewa Machulska, costume designer
Jacek Lipski, producer
Jowita Budnik, actress
Dawid Ogrodnik, actor
Krzysztof  Kopczyński, producer
Maria Nowakowska-Majcher, scriptwriter
Nikodem Wołk-Łaniewski, sound designer
Mateusz Pospieszalski, composer
Barbara Sikorska-Bouffał, costume designer
Maciej Maciejewski, scriptwriter
Jerzy Stuhr, actor, director
Antoni Krauze, director
Anna  Świerkocka, scriptwriter
Małgorzata Zacharska, costume designer
Ewa Braun, art designer
Marek Król, film editor
Andrzej Titkow, director
Marek Drążewski, director
Andrzej Piekutowski, director
Wiesław Znyk, sound designer
Maja Komorowska, actress
Michał Urbaniak, composer
Weronika Marczuk, producer
Marcin Kot-Bastkowski, film editor
Michał Fojcik, sound designer
Tadeusz Król, director, scriptwriter, producer
Borys Lankosz, director
Dariusz Gajewski, director
Michał Kosterkiewicz, sound designer
Grzegorz Warchoł, director
Piotr Wojtowicz, camera operator
Paweł Borowski, director
Henryk Sawka, drawer
Jerzy Satanowski, composer
Wojciech Nowak, director
Jakub Śladkowski, film editor
Maciej Kozłowski, film editor
Barbara Komosińska, art designer
Marian Dziędziel, actor
Urszula Antoniak, director
Elżbieta Galińska, musicologist
Maciej Bochniak, director
Małgorzata Karolina Piekarska, writer
Wojciech Chmielewski, writer
Irena Makarewicz, translator
Leszek Engelking, writer, translator
Jacek St. Buras, translator
Katarzyna Bieńkowska, poet, translator, literary critic
Jakub Ekier, writer, translator
Michał Głowiński, literary historian, writer
Michał Jagiełło, writer
Anita Janowska, writer
Barbara Grzegorzewska, translator
Piotr Sommer, writer
Jan Strękowski, director
Anna Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska, essayist
Rafał Wojasiński, writer
Rafał Holewiński, writer
Aleksandra Ziółkowska-Boehm, writer
Jacek Bocheński, writer
Zofia Korzeńska, poet, essayist
Zbigniew Żbikowski, writer
Tamara Bołdak-Janowska, writer
Marek Zaleski, literary historian, IBL PAN
Dorota Jovanka Ćirlić, editor, translator 
Konrad Sutarski, writer, SPP member
Iza Pająk, film editor
Wiesław Juszczak, editor, member of “Kwartalnik Filmowy”
Marcin Piątkowski, editor 
Maria Pakulnis, actress
Agnieszka Sopoćko, film editor
Stanisław Kuźnik, director
Rafał Marszałek, film critic 
Małgorzata Łukasiewicz, philologist
Bogna Janiec, producer
Grzegorz Królikiewicz, director
Anna Frajlich, poet, essayist
Hubert Pusek PSM, film editor
Barbara Fronc, film editor
Maciej Taras, film editor
Janusz Wróblewski, film critic
Andrzej Stembarth Sawicki, writer
Andrzej Barański, director
Magdalena Rutkiewicz Luterek, costume designer
Alicja Gronau, composer
Tomasz Nowak, musicologist
Krzysztof Knittel, composer
Marek Ławrynowicz, writer
Sławomir Idziak, DoP
Zofia Beszczyńska, writer
Jacek Prosiński, DoP
Marek Kazimierz Siwiec, professor 
Zbigniew Wichłacz, DoP
Zbigniew Bagiński, composer
Anna Pęcherzewska-Hadrych, composer
prof. dr Krzysztof Dybciak, literary historian, essayist
Barbara Toruńczyk, editor
Maria Jentys-Borelowska, poet
prof. Mieczysław Lewandowski PSC, DoP
Leszek Badiak, art designer
Janusz Anderman, writer
Jacek Pankiewicz, writer
Bartosz Piotrowski, camera operator
Artur Żurawski, camera operator
Karolina Stankiewicz, member of
Janusz Rudnicki, writer
Jerzy W. Ryll, writer
Ewa Małkowska
Anna Dorota Wardęszkiewicz, editor
Michał Marczak, director
Jerzy Zieliński, DoP, director
Arkadiusz Tomiak, DoP 
Katarzyna Kotowska, writer
Jędrzej Kotowski, sound designer
Ilona Łepkowska, scriptwriter
Włodek Pawlik, composer
Jacek Mierosławski, camera operator
Krzysztof Mieszkowski
Andrzek Kotkowski, director
Janusz Zaorski, director
Tomasz Naumiuk, DoP
Andrzej J. Jaroszewicz, DoP
Anna Kazejak, director
Włodzimierz Bolecki, scriptwriter
Piotr Szulkin, director
Stanisław Brejdygant, actor, director, writer
Jacek Korcelli, DoP
Anna Sokołowska-Korcelli, director
Jacek Laskus, DoP
Piotr Kukla, DoP
Krystyna Kofta, writer
Piotr Lenar, DoP
Mieczysław Kuźmicki, producer
Stanisław Śliskowski, DoP
Magdalena Sendecka, film critic
Kasia Adamik, director
Olga Chajdas, director
Maciej Englert, DoP
Maja Ostaszewska, actress
Michał Kwieciński, producer
Eustachy Rylski, scriptwriter
Manula Kalicka, Manuskrypt agency
Paweł Grabarczyk, costume designer
Danuta Stenka, actress
Greg Zgliński, director
Aniko Kiss, art designer
Joanna Papuzińska-Beksiakowa, writer, poet
Dagna Ślepowrońska, writer
Elżbieta Radke, costume designer
Magdalena Zimecka, producer
Wojciech Staroń, DoP
Zbigniew Kostrzewiński, film editor
Agnieszka Grochowska, actress

From the Czech Film Academy:

Ivo Andrle - distributor    
Jan Balej – director, designer
Jan Balzer - producer    
Eliška Balzerová - actress    
Jiří Bartoška - actor
Jan Bernard - film theoretician, pedagogue  
Pavel Borovan - producer    
Jaroslav Brabec – director, director of photography  
Jan Budař - actor    
Josef Císařovský - dokumentarist    
Karel Czaban - script-editor, producer  
Karel Čabrádek - script-writer, pedagogue  
Kateřina Černá - producer
Antonín Daňhel - director of photography    
Miroslav Donutil - actor
Jan Drbohlav - script-writer    
Noro Držiak - director    
Martin Duba - director of photography, director script-writer
Ján Ďuriš - director of photography    
Petr Dvořák – manager, Czech Television 
Viktor Ekrt - sound engineer    
Marek Epstein - script-writer    
Fero Fenič – director, producer, script-writer
Ivan Fíla – director, script-writer  
Jan Gogola - script-editor    
Michal Holubec - sound engineer    
Eva Holubová - actress    
Michal Houdek – sound engineer
Jan Hřebejk - director    
Ivan Hubač - script-editor, script-writer  
Kristian Hynek - director of photography, pedagogue  
Marek Janda - director of photography    
Pavla Janoušková Kubečková - producer    
Petr Jarchovský - script-writer
Jiří Ježek - producer    
Jan Jíra - distributor    
Jan Jirásek - composer    
Zdeněk Jiráský - script-writer, director  
Dušan Klein – director, script-writer, pedagogue
Josef Klíma - script-writer, journalist  
Michael Kocáb – composer
Karel Kochman - production manager, producer  
Vít Komrzý - producer    
Zuzana Kronerová - actress
Petr Kružík - musician    
Milan Kuchynka - producer    
Milan Lasica - actor    
Pavel Liška - actor    
Miloš Lochman - producer    
Tomáš Luňák - director    
Martin Mareček - director dokumentarist  
Václav Marhoul – producer, director  
Ivo Mathé – president od the Czech Film and Television Academy, television expert, pedagogue  
Jan Mattlach - film editor    
Taťjana Medvecká - actress    
Vladimír Michálek - director    
Matej Mináč - director    
Juraj Mravec - sound engineer    
Daniel Němec - sound engineer    
Karel Och – artistic director at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Petr Ostrouchov - composer    
Petr Oukropec - producer    
Michaela Pavlátová - director    
Jana Plodková - actress    
Filip Remunda – director, documentarist
Radek Rondevald - sound engineer    
Simona Rybáková - costume designer    
Tereza Rychnovská – executive director, Czech Film and Television Academy    
Jiří Schmitzer - actor    
Viktor Schwarcz - producer    
Bohdan Sláma - director    
Karel Smyczek – director, script-writer
Olga Sommerová – director, dokumentarist  
Ondřej Soukup - composer    
Jiří Stránský - script-writer    
Pavel Strnad - producer    
Jan Baset Střítežský - director of photography    
Kristian Suda - script-editor    
Jan Svěrák – director, producer  
Václav Šašek - script-editor, script-writer  
Jaromír Šofr - director of photography   
Asen Šopov - director of photography    
Radim Špaček - director    
Ivo Špalj - sound engineer    
Petra Špalková - actress    
Josef Špelda - director of photography    
Milan Šteindler – director, actor  
Ondřej Štindl - script-writer    
Martin Šulík - director
Jan Šuster – producer, pedagogue  
Miroslav Táborský - actor    
Ondřej Trojan – producer, director  
Helena Třeštíková – director, dokumentarist  
Petr Turyna - film editor    
Helena Uldrichová - producer
Petr Václav – director, script-writer  
Magdalena Vášáryová - actress    
Roman Vávra - director    
Petr Weigl - director    
Eva Zaoralová - film theoretician, artistic consultant KVIFF
Petr Zelenka – director, script-writer  
Zdeněk Zelenka - director, script-writer  
Stanislav Zindulka - actress

From the German Film Academy:

Peter R. Adam, (editor)
Felix Adlon, (screenwriter)
Dirk Ahner, (screenwriter)
Jane Ainscough, (screenwriter)
Fatih Akin, (director)
Leif Alexis, (producer)
Adriana Altaras, (actress)
Frank Amann, (director of photography )
Anke Apelt, (director)
Stefan Arndt, (producer)
Emily Atef, (director)
Beatrice Babin, (editor)
Martin Bach, (producer)
Tayfun Bademsoy, (actor)
Ute Badura, (director)
Manfred Banach, (sound designer)
Elisabeth Bartel, (screenwriter)
Monika Bauert, (production designer)
Jonathan Beck, (actor)
Dirk Beinhold, (producer)
André Bendocchi-Alves, (sound designer)
Iris Berben, (actress)
Edward Berger, (director)
Wolfgang Bergmann, (producer)
Michel Bergmann, (screenwriter)
Sebastian Blomberg, (actor)
Hans-Christoph Blumenberg, (director)
Claus Boje, (producer)
Mathilde Bonnefoy, (editor)
Detlef Bothe, (actor)
Alice Brauner, (producer)
Fred Breinersdorfer, (screenwriter)
Jutta Brückner, (director)
Daniel Brühl, (actor)
Reinhard Brundig, (producer)
Natja Brunckhorst, (screenwriter)
Thomas Brussig, (screenwriter)
Franziska Buch, (director)
Silke Buhr, (production designer)
Uwe Bünker, (casting director)
Sven Burgemeister, (producer)
Käte Caspar, (producer)
Hansa Czypionka, (actor)
Oliver Damian, (producer)
Lorenz Dangel, (composer)
Pepe Danquart, (director)
Anika Decker, (screenwriter)
Heikko Deutschmann, (actor)
Uwe Dierks, (producer)
Alexander Dittner, (editor)
Jonas Dornbach, (producer)
Doris Dörrie, (director)
Christof Ebhardt, (sound designer)
Jörg Elsner, (sound designer)
Anne Fabini, (editor)
Veronica Ferres, (actress)
Undine Filter, (producer)
Günther Fischer, (composer)
Pia Frankenberg, (director)
Hayo Freitag, (director)
Susanne Freyer, (producer)
Karlheinz Freynik, (screenwriter)
Gunter Friedrich, (director)
Inka Friedrich, (actress)
Felix Fuchssteiner, (director)
Molly von Fürstenberg, (producer)
Bruno Ganz, (actor)
Franz Xaver Gernstl, (producer)
Thomas Geyer, (producer)
Mario Giordano, (screenwriter)
Niko von Glasow, (director)
Aelrun Goette, (director)
Christian M. Goldbeck, (production designer)
Eberhard Görner, (screenwriter)
Wolfgang Groos, (producer)
Michael Gutmann, (screenwriter)
Michael Gwisdek, (actor)
Hendrik Handloegten, (director)
Hans W. Geißendörfer, (producer)
Corinna Harfouch, (actress)
Christine Hartmann, (director)
Maximilian Haslberger, (director)
Nina Haun, (casting director)
Clementina Hegewisch, (producer)
Sabine Hehnen-Wild, (make up artist)
Kaspar Heidelbach, (director)
Jo Heim, ( director of photography )
Felix Hellmann, (actor)
Barbara Hennings, (editor)
Michael Bully Herbig, (director)
Ralph Herforth, (actor)
Irm Hermann, (actress)
Benjamin Herrmann, (producer)
Johannes Herrschmann, (actor)
Andreas Hildebrandt, (sound designer)
Leopold Hoesch, (producer)
Michael Hofmann, (director)
Alfred Holighaus, (honorary member)
Susanne Hopf, (production designer)
Sherry Hormann, (director)
Grischa Huber, (actress)
Hermine Huntgeburth, (director)
Birgit Hutter, (costume designer)
Markus Imhoof, (director)
Monika Jacobs, (costume designer)
Beate Jensen, (actress)
Grete Jentzen, (editor)
Hansi Jochmann, (actress)

Johann von Bülow, (actor)

Vanessa Jopp, (director)

Rüdiger Joswig, (actor)

Eberhard Junkersdorf, (producer)

Peter Kahane, (director)

Katy Karrenbauer, (actress)

Anne Kasprik, (actress)

Klaus Keil, (honorary member)

Petra Kilian, (costume designer)

Johannes Kirchlechner, (director photography)

Philipp Kirsamer, (director of photography )

Burghart Klaußner, (actor)

Stefan Kloos, (producer)

Daniela Knapp, (director of photography )

Maria Knilli, (director)

Hanka Knipper, (editor)

Britta Knöller, (producer)

Markus Knüfken, (actor)

Imogen Kogge, (actress)

Thomas Kohler, (editor)

Juliane Köhler, (actress)

Alexandra Kordes, (producer)

Dieter Kosslick, (honorary member)

Lars Kraume, (director)

Chris Kraus, (director)

Krista Stadler, (actress)

Titus Kreyenberg, (producer)

Ulrike Kriener, (actress)

Lenn Kudrjawizki, (actor)

Stefan Kurt, (actor)

Dieter Landuris, (actor)

Mirko Lang, (actor)

Irene Langemann, (director)

Markus Lehmann-Horn, (composer)

Anne Leppin, (producer)

Alina Levshin, (actress)

Michael Loeken, (director)

Christian Lonk, (editor)

Nils Loof, (director)

Juliane Lorenz, (editor)

Toni Lüdi, (production designer)

Stefan Lukschy, (director)

Georg Maas, (director)

Sophie Maintigneux, ( director of photography )

Heta Mantscheff, (casting director)

Dagmar Manzel, (actress)

Robert Marciniak, (producer)

Nicole Marischka, (actress)

Alexander Martens, (producer)

Robert Matt, (composer)

Eva Mattes, (actress)

Ulrich Matthes, (actor)

Martin May, (actor)

Maxim Mehmet, (actor)

Isabel Meier, (editor)

Saskia Metten, (editor)

Detlef Michel, (screenwriter)

Axel Milberg, (actor)

Anne Misselwitz, (director of photography)

Eoin Moore, (director)

Eric Moss, (producer)

Ray Müller, (screenwriter)

Richy Müller, (actor)

Matz Müller, (sound designer)

Dorothea Neukirchen, (screenwriter)

Andreas Nickl, (actor)

Rainer Oleak, (composer)

Anke Osterloh, (production designer)

Götz Otto, (actor)

Sabine Panossian, (sound designer)

Isabella Parkinson, (actress)

Zoltan Paul, (director)

Ina Peichl, (production designer)

Peter F. Bringmann, (director)

Roland Platz, (sound designer)

Anja Pohl, (editor)

Stefany Pohlmann, (casting director)

Mikolaj Pokromski, (producer)

Waldemar Pokromski, (make up artist)

Sven S. Poser, (screenwriter)

Anne Ratte-Polle, (actress)

Rosa von Praunheim, (director)

Dominik Reding, (director)

Benjamin Reding, (director)

Edgar Reitz, (director)

Lena Rem, (editor)

Steffen Reuter, (producer)

Giulio Ricciarelli, (producer)

Pit Riethmüller, (producer)

Martin Ritzenhoff, (screenwriter)

Josef Rödl, (director)

Nic Romm, (actor)

Patricia Rommel, (editor)

Andreas Ruft, (sound designer)

Gudrun Ruzicková-Steiner, (producer)

Yasemin Samdereli, (director)

Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss, (actor)

Anno Saul, (director)

André Schäfer, (director)

Nadine Scherer, (make up artist)

Clemens Schick, (actor)

Monika Schindler, (editor)

Till Schmerbeck, (producer)

Johannes Schmid, (director)

Hans-Christian Schmid, (director)

Katharina Schöde, (producer)

René Schoenenberger, (actor)

Dorothee Schön, (screenwriter)

Chiara Schoras, (actress)

Gudrun Schretzmeier, (costume designer)

Steffen Schroeder, (actor)

Ilona Schulz, (actress)

Torsten Schulz, (screenwriter)

Matthias Schwab, (sound designer)

Oswald Schwander, (sound designer)

Jessica Schwarz, (actress)

Herbert Schwering, (producer)

Heide Schwochow, (screenwriter)

Hanna Schygulla, (actress)

Xaõ Seffcheque, (screenwriter)

Savas Ceviz, (director)

Katja Siegel, (producer)

Hubertus Siegert, (director)

Rolf Silber, (screenwriter)

Heide Simon, (actress)

Stefan Soltau, (sound designer)

Silke Sommer, (costume designer)

Thomas Stammer, (production designer)

Christian Steyer, (composer)

Karsten Stöter, (producer)

Sabin Tambrea, (actor)

Eckhard Theophil, (screenwriter)

Barbara Toennieshen, (editor)

Ruth Toma, (screenwriter)

Graziella Tomasi, (production designer)

Monika Treut, (director)

Joachim Tschirner, (director)

Tom Tykwer, (director)

Hannelore Unterberg, (director)

Joseph Vilsmaier, (director)

Yoliswa von Dallwitz, (director photography)

Petra K. Wagner, (director)

Franziska Walser, (actress)

Connie Walther, (director)

Guntbert Warns, (actor)

Börres Weiffenbach, (director photography)

Philipp Weinges, (screenwriter)

Eleonore Weisgerber, (actress)

Hansjörg Weißbrich, (editor)

Franziska Weisz, (actress)

Wolfgang Widerhofer, (producer)

Heike Wiehle-Timm, (producer)

Gert Wilden Jr., (composer)

Uwe Wilhelm, (screenwriter)

Dieter Zeppenfeld, (producer)

Simone von Zglinicki-Splanemann, (actress)

Petra Zieser, (actress)

Hanns Zischler, (actor)

Ingrid Zoré, (costume designer)

Dennenesch Zoudé, (actress)


From the Austrian Film Academy:

Bernhard Bamberger 

Caterina Czepek, costume design

Andrea Eckert, actress

Lucky Englander, casting agent

Brigitta Fink, costume designer

Michou Friesz, actress, Vienna

Martin Gschlacht, cinematographer

Jürgen Haiden, managing director, cosmix Studios & Music

Eva Herzig, actress 

Katrin Huber, production design,Vienna

Karl Markovics, actor/director

Cornelius Obonya, actor

Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg

Hary Prinz, actor

Arash T. Riahi, Producer, Director, Dramatic Advisor

Marlene Ropac, director Austrian Film Academy, 

Thomas Roth

August Schmölzer, actor

Gregor Seberg

Franz Solar, actor

Susi Stach, actress

Erwin Steinhauer

Margarethe Tiesel, actress

Monika Willi, editor, Austria


From the Russian Filmmakers Union Kinosoyuz:

Andrei Proshkin, director
Andrei Smirnov, director
Alexan Fedorchenko, director
Boris Khlebnikov, director
Alexey Popogrebsky, director
Vitaly Mansky, director
Alexander Zeldovich, director
Andrey Plakhov, film critic
Daniel Dondurei, film critic
Zara Abdullayeva, film critic
Michael Lipskerov animator
Nina Zarkhi, film critic
Vladimir Dvinskiy, director
Victor Matizen, film critic
Valeriy Todorovskiy, producer, director, screenwriter
Marina Razbezhkina, director
Andrei Zvyagintsev, director
Vasily Tsigarev, director
Yana Troyanova, actress
Lyubov Arkus, director
Vladimir Persov, sound designer
Valery Balayan, director
Galina Krasnoborova, director
Mikhil Lemkhin, film critic
Mikhail Barkan
Dmitriy Fyodorov
Mikhail Kolomenskiy, screenwriter
Natalia Manskaya producer
Ivan I. Tverdovskiy, director
Alexandr Belobokov, director
Yuri Bogomolov, film critic
Dilara Tasbulatova, film critic
Sergei Karandashov, director
Gennady Ostrovskiy, screenwriter
Artem Vasiliev, producer
Tatiana Sergeenko, film critic
Elena Gremina, screenwriter
Inna Kharitonova
Victor Kalabin
Olga Shervud, film critic
Andrey Velikanov
Tatiana Petrik, producer
Natalia Meshchaninova, director
Natalya Zhuravleva
Tatiana Tchistova, director
Natalia Talalova
Dmitry Zavilgelskiy, director
Elena Zavelskaya
Inga Lizengevich
Grigoriy Gluants
Oleg Mikhailov
Sergei Grabow
Sergey Vinokurov, director
Evgeny Mitta, director
Andrey Deryabin, director
Madina Mustafina, director
Lola Abduraimova
Andrey Sha
Alex Barmichev
Dmitriy Dolinin, cameraman, director
Pavel Finn, screenwriter
Elena Khoreva, Director
Askold Kurov, director
Maria Chuprinskaya, producer
Dilara Zalyaldinova
Margarita Obshivalkina
Xenia Gapchenko
Valery Gavel
Nadezhda Leontieva
Oksana Sarkisova
Yekaterina Boykova
Mikhail Basov
Oleg Pshenichniy
Anatoly Skachkov
Anastasia Alexandrova
Alexander Gonorovsky, screenwriter
Irina Lukovskaya
Alexander Manotskov
Maxim Trapo
Andrey Silvestrov, director
Marina Ilinskaya
Elena Gracheva
Natalia Mikhailova
Boris Filanovskiy
Aisylu Kadyrova
Mikhail Barkan
Alexander Kolbovskiy, film critic
Valentin Tkach
Dmitry Geller
Vsevolod Brodskiy
Michael Smolianitskiy, screenwriter
Elena Nemykh, producer, director
Alexandra Sokolovskaya, director, screenwriter
Mikhail Sokolovskiy, screenwriter, drumaturg
Alexandr Arkhangelskiy, writer, publicist
Alexander Dolgin, cameraman
Iraida Yusupova, composer
Olga Leontyeva, journalist
Elena Litvinova, actress
Maria Kozyreva
Vasily Dyachkovsky
Evgeny Viskov
Andrew Doynikov
Nigina Sayfullaeva
Faith Prokopeva
Sergei Kushnir, screenwriter
Elena Demidova, director
Anna Brandush
Anna Melikyan, Director
Ivan Alexeev
Sergei Kutsevalov
Svetlana Adoneva
Alexandra Strelyanaya, director
Nadezhda Khvorova, director
Xenia Sakharnov, director
Yulia Zhavoronkova
Vadim Ostrovsky
Peter Khazizov, director
Sergei Zinevych, editor
Andrey Chernykh, director
Tatyana Rakhmanova
Julia Mazurova
Georgiy Molodtsov, director
Oleg Chernov
Radu Krikhan, screenwriter, director
Tatiana Rudina, actress
Natalia Merkulova, director
Alexey Chupov, director
Tamara Dondurei, director
Mikhail Ugarov, director
Olga Yukhnovskaya
Tatiana Zima
Alexandr Amirov
Niaz Iglamov
Vladimir Zimin, editor
Katerina Tretyakova
Maria Manaurina
Petr Filippov
Olga Krutilona
Elena Zaritovskaya
Alla Dzhakelli
Olga Dibtseva
Nikolai Beldyugin
Oksana Kovalevskaya
Vera Kirillova
Elena Nauman
Natalia Kurbatova
Natalia Ludwig
Irina Sitkova
Alexandr List
Veronika Silchenko
Andrey Bilzho, artist
Anna Medvedeva
Elena Aroseva
Kim Dolgin, director
Oleg Sulkin, film critic
Pavel Fomintsev, director of photography
Eugene Dimant, teacher, bibliographer
Maria Novikova
Lena Levina, screenwriter
Dana Zhane, writer
Natalia Sinelnik
Vladimir Kharchenko-Kulikovskiy
Maria Oshmianskaya, screenwriter
Irina Lukovskaya, actress, screenwriter
Andreis Abols
Alexander Yarosh
Yulia Zavyalova
Olga Vershinina
Grigoriy Kataev
Pavel Loparev
Stepan Bogdanov
Alexandr Nakhimson
Vladimir Chutko, director
Maya Kuzina, producer
Anna Moiseenko, Director
Maria Turchaninova
Galina Bildeeva
Irina Lyubarskaya, film critic
Maria Smolyaninova
Leonid Simbirskiy
Ekaterina Brezgunova
Vitaly Zamkovoy
Yanishka Riplova
Rose Gimatdinova
Isser Gurants
Maria Gavrilova
Anastasia Surovasevere
Andrew Zagdanskiy, director
Sam Klebanov, producer
Tatiana Viger
Andrey Vladimirov
Marina Zorina
Firuza Mirzoalieva
Anna Kachko, producer
Larisa Ovadis
Igor Ovadis
Natalia Dolgova
Yulia Kallmayer
Arseny Gonchukov, director
Lana Berov
Inga Sherman
Yulia Latynina
Yulia Krondor
Irina Izmestieva
Alexandra Golovina
Violetta Bagdasarova
Natalya Dubrovskaya
Dmitry Chernosvitov
Irina Grantovskaya
Alexandra Nazarova
Daria Bosnyakova
Konstantin Panfilov
Olesya Buryachenko, director
Ilya Utekhin
Artyom Baryshnikov
Ivan Chuvilyaev
Tamara Larina, producer
Daria Vardenburg, writer, journalist
Asya Shulbaeva, journalist
Irina Lyubarskaya, film critic
Vladimir Rizun, sound designer
Dmitry Lanchikhin, screenwriter, director
Alexandra Likhacheva, director
Vera Smolianitskaya, actress
Nina Tsyrkun, film critic
Oleg Zintsov
Maria Antonyan, a graduate of Moscow State University
Inna Denisova, director
Natalia Koretskaya, screenwriter
Evgeny Mayzel, film critic
Larisa Yusipova, film critic
Maria Kozlova
Lyudmila Trachtenberg
Galina Vorona
Tamara Sergeeva
Leon Sitnikov
Evgeny Zubin
Irina Lukyanova
Galina Shandakova
Gregory Zhikharevich - director, screenwriter
Olga Bogatova
Olga Gurkova
Anna Aleshkovskaya
Elena Yankelevich, documentary filmmaker
Kirill Grebenshchikov
Gennady Viksman
Irina Gavra, artist
Petr Aleshkovskiy
Alina Kupervasser
Dmitry Shusharin
Natalya Rapoport
Daria Belova
Dasha Stepanova, artist, director
Dmitry Vasilyev, television director
Elena Gutkina
Henry Ignatov,
Katerina Fedulova
Anastasia Levikova
Elena Kart
Arkady Dubnov, journalist
Maria Kondakova
Sergei Nekhaev
Anastasia Arkhipova
Olga Dedova
Maria Dens
Nelly Gutkina
Ilya Zaslavskiy
Alexey Voytik
Eugenya Vradiy
Olga Rovnova
Olga Galitskaya, film critic
Natalia Shematinova
Elena Makhrova
Natalia Ryurikova
Nina Heymets
Arina Borisova
Xenia Peretrukhina
Fyodor Pavlov-Andrievich
Yevgeny Malyshev
Natalia Dzergach
Anna Fenchenko, director
Natalia Pavlenkova
Tchingiz Rusulzade
Grigoriy Papish

The Presidium of Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA):
Marek Leščák, president of SFTA/screenwritter
Ondrej Šulaj, screenwritter
Martin Šulík, director/producer
Peter Dubecký, director of Slovak Film Institute
Ján Ďuriš, cinematographer
Ján Meliš, cinematographer
Miro Remo, director
Ján Oparty, director/producer
Peter Michalovič, film theoretist

ANAC Associazione Nazionale Autori cinematografici:
Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, director, Italy
Enrico Caria, director, Italy
Giuliana Gamba, director, Italy
Silvia Scola, screenwriter, Italy
Roberto Giannarelli, director, Italy
Alessandro Trigona, screenwriter, Italy
Wilma Labate, director, Italy
Patrizia Fregonese, screenwriter, Italy
Enzo deC Art, director, Italy
Maria Luisa Forenza, director, Italy
Pierpaolo Andiani, screenwriter, Italy
Giovanni Arnone, cinema lawyer, Italy

From the French Directors' Guild (SRF):

Mona Achache, cinéaste, France
Fleur Albert, cinéaste, France
Luc Battiston, cinéaste, France
Guillaume Brac, cinéaste, France
Stéphane Brizé, cinéaste, France
Thomas Cailley, cinéaste, France
Laurent Cantet, cinéaste, France
Laurent Chevallier, cinéaste, France
Hélier Cisterne, cinéaste, France
Catherine Corsini, cinéaste, France
Caroline Deruas, cinéaste, France
Evelyne Dress, comédienne et cinéaste, France
Licia Eminenti, cineaste, France
Liam Engle, cinéaste, France
Abbas Fahdel, cinéaste, France
François Farellacci, cinéaste, France
Frédéric Farrucci, cineaste, France
Philippe Faucon, cinéaste, France
Léa Fehner, cinéaste, France
Pascale Ferran, cinéaste, France
Luc Galissaires, cineaste, France
Denis Gheerbrant, cinéaste, France
Fabienne Godet, cinéaste, France
Gabriel Gonnet, cineaste, France
Yann Gonzalez, cinéaste, France
Esther Hoffenberg, cinéaste, France
Agnès Jaoui, comédienne et cinéaste, France
Stéphanie Kalfon, scénariste, France
Sam Karmann, comédien et cinéaste, France
Cédric Klapisch, cinéaste, France
Héléna Klotz, cinéaste, France
Jean-Marie Larrieu, cinéaste, France
Alexandre Laugier, cinéaste, France
Xabi Molia, cineaste, France
Serge Le Péron, cinéaste, France
Thomas Lilti, cinéaste, France
Sébastien Louis, cineaste, France
Paul Marquès Duarte, cineaste, France
Christian Monnier, cinéaste, France
Fred Nicolas, cineaste, France
Anna Novion, cinéaste, France
Thierry de Peretti, cinéaste, France
Nicolas Philibert, cinéaste, France
Manuel Pradal, cinéaste, France
Katell Quillévéré, cinéaste, France
Brigitte Roüan, cinéaste, France
Christophe Ruggia, cinéaste, France
Pierre Salvadori, cinéaste, France
Céline Sciamma, cinéaste, France
Olivier Sigaut, cinéaste, France
Charlotte Silvera, cinéaste, France
Jan Sitta, cinéaste, France
Carine Tardieu, cinéaste, France
Christian Vandelet, cinéaste, France
Rebecca Zlotowski, cinéaste, France

Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine:
Serhiy Trymbach, film critic, Head of Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine, FIPRESCI member
Alik Shpilyuk, film critic, institutional, board member of Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine, EFA and FIPRESCI member
Volodymyr Voytenko, film critic, board member of Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine 
Dmytro Tomashpolskyy, director, producer, board member of Union of Filmmakers of Ukraine
Roman Balayan, director, EFA member
Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, director, EFA member
Valentyn Vasyanovych, producer, director, cinematographer, EFA member
Olena Fetisova, director, EFA member
Elena Slaboshpitskaya, producer, EFA member
Iya Myslytska, producer, EFA member
Kirill Shuvalov, production designer, EFA member
Alena Gres, costume designer, EFA member
Olena Yershova, director, producer
Ludmila Gordeladze, film critic, producer
Kostyantyn Pirozhenko, director, producer
Oleksandr Gusev, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Serhiy Vasyliev, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Arkadiy Nepytalyuk, director, professor
Kateryna Slipchenko, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Vikroriya Koltunova, film critic
Inetta Grynyok, journakis, film critic
Dmytro Moyseev, director
Oksana Voloshenyuk, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Daria Badyor, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Gennady Kofman, producer, program director International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights Docudays UA
Oleksandr Kryshtalovych, cinematographer
Olena Kosenko, screenwriter
Yuriy Minzyanov, producer
Mariya Kondakova, director
Adrian Sakhaltuev, director, producer, ASIFA member
Oleg Chornyy, director
Alla Zamanska, director
Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk, director, screenwriter
Andriy Toloshnyy, director
Tetyana Khpdakivska, director
Oleg Fialko, director
Annа Akulevich, director
Yuriy Bidenko, director, cinematographer
Olena Demyanenko, director, producer
Myroslava Khoroshun, director
Olena Golubeva, producer, professor
Sergiy Melnichenko, director, professor
Anna Koriagina, press-officer, IFF «Molodist»
Natalia Karlyuga, screenwriter
Sergiy Galetiy, producer, editor
Sergiy Stetsenko, cinematographer
Maria Nesterenko, sound designer
Anton Baybakov, composer
Volodymyr Gronskyy, composer
Grygoriy Rudenko, screenwriter
Taras Dron, director
Maryna Artemenko, director, screenwriter
Oksana Artemenko, director, screenwriter
Denis Ivanov, producer, EFA member
Tetyana Guseva, production designer
Nadia Lagutenko, director
Maya Stepanova, cinematographer
Ludmila Novikova, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Igor Savychenko, producer
Anton Filatov, film critic, FIPRESCI member
Julia Sinkevych, producer, Odessa International Film Festival 
Sergiy Stepansky, sound designer, EFA member
Olena Karetnyk, director 
Olexiy Konyukh, film critic
Sergiy Masloboyshchykov, director
Alla Sergiyko, actress
Olexiy Tritenko, actor
Ludmila Zapolska, journalist
Yanina Sokolova, actress, anchorperson, program «Cinema», 5 channel
Elizaveta Pleskonos, production manager
Vadym Skurativskyy, film critic, professor
Alla Globa, professor
Larysa Bryukhovetska, film critic, professor, editor in chief, review «Cinema-Theater»
Ludmila Lemesheva, film critic
Tetyana Kobzar, actress, professor

For the directorate and the advisory board of the German Film Critics' Association:

Dunja Bialas
Jennifer Borrmann
Frédéric Jaeger
Peter Kremski
Claus Loese
Hannah Pilarczyk
Wilfried Reichart
Rüdiger Suchsland
Dennis Vetter
Carolin Weidner
Rudolf Worschech

Write A Letter to Oleg Sentsov

Please send handwritten letters in Russian (more likely to get through) to:

677004 Республика Саха (Якутия), г. Якутск, ул. Очиченко, д. 25. ФКУ ИК-1 УФСИН России по республике Саха (Якутия). Сенцову Олегу Геннадьевичу, 1976 г.р.  

OR in English to:

 English: 677004 Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yakutsk, Ochichenko st. # 25. FKU IK-1 FSIN of Russia in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Sentsov Oleg Gennadievich, born 1976  

NOTE: "FKU IK-1 FSIN of Russia” means Federal State-operated Enterprise Labour Camp #1 of Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN of Russia)