Editing Master Class with Justine Wright

in Warsaw
organised in co-operation with the Polish Film Academy and the Polish Society of Editors

After a screening of LOCKE Justine Wright, European Editor 2014 for LOCKE,  presented in detail her process of working on the film – how she used editing to build tension in a film literally and figuratively devoid of action. 

In the second part of the meeting, she presented a lecture on the art of editing, exemplified by the films she worked on. The participants had the opportunity of watching different editorial versions of film sequences, as well as observing the impact of editing on the final reception of a film. 

As Milenia Fiedler, vice-president of the Polish Society of Editors (PSM) and acknowledged Polish editor, observed: “These kind of meetings - aimed towards artists, which are an opportunity for exchange of ideas and experiences – are indispensable. They present a chance of previewing the process and understanding of how the editing builds the structure of a film, how it determines the strength of emotional impact.”

The session concluded with individual expert advice for Polish artists currently editing their feature or documentary films. Among them were Marcin Wrona and Piotr Kmiecik, currently working on Wrona’s latest feature DEMON and Hanna Polak and Marcin Kot Bastkowski with their latest documentary SOMETHING BETTER TO COME.

Director/screenwriter/producer Marcin Wrona (MY FLESH, MY BLOOD; THE CHRISTENING) commented: “The meeting with Justine Wright gave us a chance to look closely at specific editing solutions, where a subtle change may result in a completely different reception of a film.” 

Justine Wright herself observed how the master class “proved to be a great place to exchange and discuss ideas between the editors, both experienced and those just starting”, and added: "We were thinking about how to discuss individual projects, but I intended to do it without an audience. We went this way and now I can say it was worth it; I feel that we carried out some really sincere and constructive conversations.”

Dariusz Jabłoński, president of the Polish Film Academy, summarised that “every such meeting helps to create a platform for the exchange of experiences and ideas, which brings mutual benefits for our European film community."