Animation Today

EFA Master Class on Animation 
with Andreas Hykade and friends Ari Folman, Phil Mulloy, David OReilly and Izabela Plucinska 
Ludwigsburg/Germany, 9 – 15 September 2013

The EFA Master Class 2013 ANIMATION TODAY was dedicated to modern animation. During the week, participants formed a team and created an animation film. 
The seven-day workshop offered a mixture of group sessions, screenings, case studies and lectures. With a focus on hands-on exercises, it allowed the participants to gain a profound knowledge of the creation of an animation film covering all stadiums of an animation production. 

The workshop kicked off on Monday evening with introductions and screenings of various of the short films by tutor Andreas Hykade as well as a presentation of the participants’ work samples.

The first day at the grading suite was then dedicated to the creation of self-portraits using different techniques such as pixilation, clay, 3D, stop motion, simulation and drawing. The participants presented their portraits to the group and, in teams of two, developed a concept for a loop of these images. Over the next days, and as the teams got bigger and fewer, these loops were created and then again connected in bigger interactive loops until in the end all the material was connected by one big group into a single film. This process required not only individual participants taking on certain parts of the workflow, also including sound and music, but, perhaps most importantly, all participants to develop a general understanding of all those parts and the role they play in a bigger group. As a result, a finished film was presented on the last day of the master class. 


The week also included visits from a series of befriended filmmakers. Israeli director Ari Folman talked about his experience in creating WALTZ WITH BASHIR and his new film THE CONGRESS which had been screened in the morning. And the animators/directors Phil Mulloy (UK), David OReilly (Ireland) and Izabela Plucinska (Poland) all screened a selection of their shorts and shared their individual approach to filmmaking and the experiences they have made. 

The tutor:
Andreas Hykade ( has been creating animation films since the mid-90s. Among his films are WE LIVED IN GRASS (1996, German Short Film Award), RING OF FIRE (2000), THE RUNT (2007, German Short Film Award, FIPRESCI Award Annecy), TOM & THE SLICE OF BREAD WITH STRAWBERRY JAM & HONEY (2009, Grimme Online Award) and LOVE & THEFT (2010, German Short Film Award, Sacem Award for original music, Annecy 2011). 

He has also worked with the German band DIE TOTEN HOSEN for which he created the video clips 10 KLEINE JÄGERMEISTER (1995, Echo Award for best German music video) and WALKAMPF (2004, Grand Prize for Commissioned Animation, Ottawa Int’l Animation Festival 2005), has repeatedly collaborated with British animation artist Ged Haney (video clips and commercials) and has created ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN, the film installations for the German pavilion at the world exhibition EXPO 2000. Andreas is also a professor for animation film at the Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Postproduction ( 

The participants:
Mirella Benes (Italy)
Mathias Dombrink (Germany)
Ines Christine Geisser (Germany)
Kirsten Carina Geisser (Germany)
Evgenia Gostrer (Germany)
Mait Laas (Estonia)
Simon Leykamm (Germany)
Ami Lindholm (Finland)
Mandy Müller (Germany)
Chloé Nicolay (France)
Adrián Piqueras Sánchez (Spain)
Tatu Pohjavirta (Finland)
Daniela Popova (Bulgaria)
Amir Porat (Hungary/Israel) 
Amit Rojtblat (Israel)
Kariem Saleh (Germany)
Angela Steffen (Germany)
Christine Tong (Malta)
Danny De Vent (Belgium)
Jelena Walf (Russia)

Supported by the MEDIA Programme of the EU and the MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg, the EFA Master Class took place in Ludwigsburg in the South of Germany at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Institute of Animation, Visual Effects, and Digital Postproduction. 


Interview Ari Folman

Interview Phil Mulloy

Interview Izabela Plucinska

Interview Andreas Hykade

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