Romani Film festivals, events and more

    AKE DIKHEA? The International Festival of Romani Film 

    Berlin, 21 – 27 October 2024

    The world’s biggest festival of Romani film which also holds the largest archive of films by and about Romani people. In the last years, over 125 films have been screened from 27 different countries and in 2023 alone, they had over a 1,000 visitors.

    AVAZYA Transnational Romani Filmmakers Network 

    Launched in 2022 and run by the AKE DIKHEA? Team, the continuously growing network aims at increasing opportunities for Romani film professionals and advocates on a European level for policy change towards equity and inclusion of Romani film professionals within the international film market. In Romani language, AVAZYA means VOICES – which stands for the diversity and plurality of the storytelling of Romani people.

    Educational Programme: SO DIKHEA?
    SO DIKHEA? – which means “What do you see?” in Romani language is the youth and educational arm of AKE DIKHEA? For the International Romani Day, they will celebrate with educational film programmes across Europe from Belfast to Oslo. The key message is resistance and film as a tool of empowerment and self-representation for Romani youth across Europe.

    European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture
    The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture e.V. (ERIAC) exists to increase the self-esteem of Roma and to decrease negative prejudice of the majority population towards the Roma by means of arts, culture, history, and media.
    ERIAC acts as an international creative hub to support the exchange of creative ideas across borders, cultural domains and Romani identities. ERIAC aims to be the promoter of Romani contributions to European culture and talent, success and achievement, as well as to document the historical experiences of Romani people in Europe. ERIAC exists to be a communicator and public educator, to disseminate a positive image and knowledge about Romani people for dialogue and building mutual respect and understanding.

    Roma Day Events in Berlin! 

    Roma Trail e.V. will  take to the streets of Berlin and celebrate Roma* and Sinti* around the world, the strength of community and their resilience. “We remember the beginnings of the global emancipation movement with the first World Romani* Congress on 8 April 1971. At the same time, ROMADAY is a day of fight on which we make it clear: We are first and foremost in the fight against the resurgent right-wing extremists! We, Sinti and Roma, have always been part of the resistance, fought as partisans, and will not stand back and watch as our homelands are taken over by the right! We are here and we will stay here!”

    Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo
    Ever since 2009, the Rolling Film Festival in Kosovo serves as a conduit for fostering understanding and collaboration between the Roma community and other communities within the region. The festival is dedicated to supporting and showcasing Romani artistic expression while providing a jubilant, dynamic, and transformative setting aimed at dispelling stereotypes and promoting positive inter-ethnic relations.

    Romédia Foundation

    The Romédia Foundation is a Roma NGO based in Budapest; aims to contribute to the positive experience of the Roma ethnic identity through films, international multimedia campaigns, and cultural events, to help overcome anti-Roma prejudices and to provide political decision-makers with information about the Roma in a different way.