The European Film Awards 2024 Go to Lucerne/Switzerland

    The KKL Luzern

    The European Film Awards will be held in the Swiss city of Lucerne in December 2024. This was announced today by the European Film Academy, the Swiss Federal Office of Culture, the City of Lucerne and the Canton of Lucerne and the media partner, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR. The ceremony of the 37th European Film Awards 2024 will take place in the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre (KKL Luzern), together with various side events in connection with European film production.

    The European Film Awards were first presented in Berlin in 1988, in order to promote and support the European film industry. They are held every second year in Berlin and travel throughout Europe in the other years: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Tallinn, Malta, Riga, Wroclaw, Seville and, in 2022, Reykjavík. Wherever they go, the awards attract many foreign visitors such as film professionals, academy members, nominees and winners, and international journalists.

    The event provides a great opportunity for Switzerland to promote Swiss art, culture and design, as well as marketing Switzerland as a high quality destination for film production and attractive partner for co-productions thanks to an excellent support scheme. It is an important recognition of the Swiss film industry and presents the country as an interesting filmmaking destination as well as an integral part of Europe’s film culture right in the centre of the continent.

    Switzerland and Lucerne are delighted to offer a stage for European film and also facilitate networking and discussions within the film industry facing massive changes in the film production and distribution landscape.

    A high number of Swiss talents are members of the European Film Academy. Several Swiss films have received the prestigious European Film Award so far: Peter Liechti for his documentary essay THE SOUND OF INSECTS – RECORD OF A MUMMY in 2009, Manuel von Stürler for WINTER NOMADS in 2012, Claude Barras for his animated feature film MY LIFE AS A ZUCCHINI in 2016, and in 2020 , two upcoming talents were awarded: Susanne Regina Meures for SAUDI RUNAWAY (University Award) and Lasse Linder for ALL CATS ARE GREY IN THE DARK (Short Film). In 2010, the legendary Swiss actor Bruno Ganz received the honorary Lifetime Achievement Award. Further, several co-productions were awarded such as YOUTH by Paolo Sorrentino (European Director, European Film, European Actor 2015).

    The location KKL Luzern, designed by the leading French architect Jean Nouvel and known as a cultural and social hotspot even beyond the borders of Switzerland, is the modern landmark of the city. Centrally located directly on Lake Lucerne it is close to the historical centre with the world-famous Chapel Bridge. Using water channels that lead directly into the building and a roof that extends over the Lake, Jean Nouvel made certain that his notion of inclusion took on a real-world format. Around 1,200 guests will attend the award ceremony in 2024. In collaboration with its media partner SRG SSR, that will broadcast the show, live in Switzerland and throughout Europe and online.

    The 37th European Film Awards will be celebrated on 7 December 2024.


    Berlin & Lucerne, 14 December