Juliette Binoche as new President 

    Juliette Binoche. Credits Eric Guillemain

    French actress officially confirmed by members 

    Beginning of May, Juliette Binoche will be officially starting as President of the European Film Academy, succeeding Polish filmmaker Agniezska Holland in this important role. The new President was chosen after Agnieszka Holland had decided to step down in 2024. The honorary role of President of the European Film Academy holds a strongly symbolic power and embodies what the Academy wishes to stand for.  

    Juliette Binoche, an active member of the European Film Academy for many years, has confirmed she is available to take on this role. 

    ‘It’s an enormous pleasure to announce the endorsement of the membership of the board’s proposal to confirm Juliette Binoche as President of the European Film Academy,’ says producer and Chair of European Film Academy, Mike Downey, ‘she follows in the steps of director Agnieszka Holland, who in turn took over from Wim Wenders, who trod the hallowed path of the giant of cinema that is Ingmar Bergman. To have an artist of the stature of Juliette follow on from these most eminent artists, continues a 35-year long tradition begun in 1989.  It will be a privilege and a pleasure to serve European cinema alongside her.’ 

    In March the Academy Board unequivocally proposed Juliette Binoche as new Academy President to its members. The proposition has now officially been endorsed by the members of the European Film Academy. Ingmar Bergman served as the first President and was originally chosen by the 40 founding Academy members in 1989. Wim Wenders succeeded him in 1996 and he served until 2020, followed by Holland, as the Academy’s first female President.