Five Films Nominated for European University Film Award (EUFA)

    Five Films Nominated for European University Film Award (EUFA)

    The nominees for the European University Film Award (EUFA) are out! The European Film Academy and Filmfest Hamburg herewith announce this year’s nominated films. Introduced in 2016, the award is presented by university students from across Europe. Based on the European Film Awards Feature and Documentary Film Selections 2022, these are the five nominations:

    ALCARRÀS directed by Carla Simón (Spain, Italy)

    CLOSE directed by: Lukas Dhont (Belgium, France, Niederlands)
    EO directed by Jerzy Skolimowski (Poland, Italy)
    THE ECLIPSE Regie: Nataša Urban (Norway)
    TRIANGLE OF SADNESS directed by Ruben Östlund (Sweden, Germany, France, United Kingdom)

    The nominated films will be viewed and discussed in 26 universities in 26 countries and each institution will select its favourite film. In early December, one student representative from each university will attend a three-day deliberation meeting in Hamburg to decide on the overall winner. The winner will then be announced on 7 December, shortly before this year’s European Film Awards Ceremony on 10 December.

    The aim of this initiative by the European Film Academy and Filmfest Hamburg is to involve a younger audience, to spread the European idea and to transport the spirit of European cinema to an audience of university students. It shall also support film dissemination, film education and the culture of debating.

    The European University Film Award 2022 is made possible with the support of Hamburg Marketing.