Opening A New Chapter

    The European Film Academy Introduces New Artwork

    Signet Euopean Film Academy

    The new logo of the European Film Academy signals the opening of a new chapter in our work. A set of frames, evolving from the classic Academy ratio (1.375:1) in the front, elegantly leading up to different versions of screens and thus creating the feeling of a moving and dynamic space. The frames can also be seen as openings, inviting you to step on and join, as entrances to a space we share. Through this logo, the European Film Academy acknowledges its role to celebrate film, to connect and unite filmmakers, and to support them in whichever situation they find themselves. We also embrace our role to educate and reach out to film audiences of all ages, to share knowledge and create a vivid link to an incredibly rich European film heritage. This logo stands for an organization that is aware of its rich tradition, is focused on connecting this history to today’s world and is open to what tomorrow will bring. It conveys that we want to become a more open and diverse Academy. The logo we proudly present is a logo in motion, and will be used in a dynamic way for the broad range of work you can expect from us in the upcoming years and decades. The logo has been designed by the acclaimed design studio Huncwot, Warsaw, Poland.

    Matthijs Wouter Knol, August 2021