Month of European Film

    A new aspect is the Month of European Film, a pilot version of which we are launching this year in Berlin: Starting with the European Arthouse Cinema Day (14 November), different film programmes of our partners will highlight European film for a full month – until the event culminates in the 34th European Film Awards. This year’s pilot programme includes:

    • The celebration of the European Arthouse Cinema Day (14 November). The sixth edition will take place in cinemas all over the world. Launched by CICAE in partnership with Europa Cinemas, the day celebrates arthouse cinemas and their rich and inclusive programmes showing the diversity of Europe on many levels. More than 700 cinemas in over 40 countries participate each year.
    • A full-month Márta Mészáros programme on MUBI, featuring oeuvre highlights of this year’s European Lifetime Achievement winner on the streaming platform under the title “Independent Women: The Pioneering Cinema of Márta Mészáros”. This programme is a partnership with the European Film Academy (start: Sunday 14 November)
    • A month full of screenings of European films in Berlin, the city of this year’s European Film Awards. The screenings will take place all over the 14 Yorck cinemas in Berlin, from the latest releases to European horror and genre films and even a special strand of LGBTQ films dedicated to films from Europe (Sunday 14 November to Sunday 12 December)
    •  Special screenings and Q&As with 3 honorary award-winning filmmakers in the Awards Week prior to the European Film Awards. Márta Mészáros (European Lifetime Achievement) will present ADOPTION (Golden Bear 1975), Susanne Bier (European Achievement in World Cinema) will join the screening of her modern classic AFTER THE WEDDING (2006) and Steve McQueen (European Innovative Storytelling) will do a conversation with the audience of LOVERS ROCK, one of the films of the award-winning SMALL AXE.
    • The French Film Week highlighting the best francophone cinema of the past year, and several outstanding European films in the Around the World in 14 Films programme.

    Next year, the Month of European Film will extend to various other European cities.