The Label

    Under the label Knowledge Sharing, the European Film Academy seeks to connect people who are keen to share with those who are willing to listen and learn. This way, we will help creating conversations, fostering cooperation and bring new ideas to the table.

    Every year, the Academy seeks to select around 5 to 10 high-quality third-party projects we can support within the framework of our Knowledge Sharing programme. Third-party projects are project not initiated by the European Film Academy itself, or by any of our direct partners or sponsors.

    Once selected and confirmed as a third-party project supported by the European Film Academy, the project will be entitled to use the Knowledge Sharing label during the period of the project. The period of the project and support are defined in a signed agreement.

    • Collaborations can be with film institutes, film festivals, film schools or associations in Europe hosting a project (an event or format, online and/or on-site).
    • Collaborations are limited to a one-time period, depending on the duration of the project, unless explicitly specified otherwise.
    • Projects should clearly be associated with the aims and vision of the European Film Academy.
    • Strong preference will be given to projects that are confirm with the European Film Academy's Diversity and Inclusion Standards.
    • Projects that enable the active involvement of Academy members will be prioritised.
    • Projects that have a realistic financing plan and set-up will be prioritised.
    • Project formats can include master classes, debates, trainings, workshops, coaching, or mentoring programmes.
    • Projects solely focusing on film screenings will not be prioritised.

    Applications can be filed 6 months prior to the starting date of the project by email to

    Contact us before applying!

    We strongly recommend getting in touch with us prior to applying for support. Only after a recommendation to apply, you will receive an application form and your application will be monitored. Project applicants not contacting the Academy beforehand cannot be guaranteed to be taken into consideration nor receive a reply within 3 weeks.

    Apart from contact and further administrative details, we expect

    • A one-page description of the project, including the composition of the team, and the event dates
    • A financing plan
    • A statement of reasons for applying to the Knowledge Sharing programme
    • If available: letters of support

    The applicant declares when applying that the applicant’s organisation

    • is responsible for the complete organisation of the project.
    • covers all costs related to the project, including travel and lodging for invited experts, fees for invited experts, host(s) and/or moderator(s), venue, technical equipment, meals, hospitality and transfers, accommodation, screening fees, etc.
    • is responsible for sponsoring acquisition.
    • is selecting participants.
    • grants a reduced participation fee in case a (limited) number of Academy members is interested and eligible to participate.
    • commits to using the Knowledge Sharing label in all promotion, projects credits, advertising, digital and printed press and publications related to the labelled format.
    • provide the Academy with a copy of all published material where the label shows.

    Granting the European Film Academy’s Knowledge Sharing project status, the Academy agrees to

    • support the format’s further development by giving feedback.
    • suggest selected experts and forward invitations to them (this can be Academy members and other professionals).
    • promote the label holder’s project in selected Academy communication channels.
    • mention the label holder’s project on the annual calendar of the Knowledge Sharing programme on the Academy website and in our communication to all members and partners.

    Within 6 weeks after your application, the European Film Academy will inform you in writing if your project has been granted support. If positive, it will be indicated in the confirmation in which way to contribute to the project.

    The European Film Academy will

    • provide a collaboration agreement which needs to be signed by a legal representative of the applicant organisation.
    • make the current Knowledge Sharing label available to the applicant's organisation. The project labeled as a Knowledge Sharing project is obliged to mention this status in all its communication, in print, digital, online and in any other form promoting the project as from the date of signing the agreement within the timeframe of the agreement.
    • provide a style manual about how to use the Knowledge Sharing label.