Gamla Filmstaden (Råsunda, Sweden)

    Just outside Stockholm, Gamla Filmstaden was Sweden’s Hollywood from 1920 to the beginning of the 1970s. For more than half a century, this was the place where over 500 films were made. Victor Sjöström (THE PHANTOM CHARIOT, 1921) and Mauritz Stiller made their silent films here. This was where Greta Garbo (THE SAGA OF GÖSTA BERLING, 1924) and Ingrid Bergman started out and where Ingmar Bergman made some of his most iconic films, among them THE SEVENTH SEAL and WILD STRAWBERRIES. One of the last sets that was built in Filmstaden was the boat that carries Liv Ullmann and Max von Sydow to the United States in Jan Troell’s THE EMIGRANTS (1971).

    Gamla Filmstaden now
    Gamla Filmstaden then