The future of European Film, co-created by young people

    This new programme of the European Film Academy co-created by young people is a film platform and film club network across Europe for young people to come together to watch and discuss European films and share their own.


    The Future of European Film, co- created by young people

    The story of this programme begins with a group of teenagers who previously participated in the Young Audience Awards, coming together to brainstorm about creating a year-round engagement in film.

    This resulted in the idea to develop European Film Club co-created by and for young people with a curated catalogue of European films to watch and discuss online and in person, as well as opportunities to learn about, make and share your own short films.

    If you are between 12 – 19 years old, and have an interest in cinema and a desire to discover more European films, then European Film Club is for you.



    Building love of European film for the next generation

    The European Film Club aims to be a film club platform and network across the continent for young people to come together to watch and discuss European films and share their own. Young people and film specialists will choose a diverse catalogue of films and build a love of European film for the next generation.

    Films tell every conceivable human story, providing an insight into the lives of others, into different cultures and what it means to be European

    Building a love of European film is not just an investment in the future of the film but into young people’s cultural futures.



    Representing your views

    The Youth Council was formed in January 2021 and has since grown to 13 members from 11 countries. They co-founded the European Film Club idea and are co-creating every aspect – the platform, the films, the look and design, the Summit, the podcasts and interviews with filmmakers. They represent your views.

    The Youth Council is supported by a Consultation Group of currently 38 young people from 23 European countries, meeting every two months to advise on the work on the European Film Club.

    Bringing energy and new ideas, new members for both the Youth Council are elected every year from the Consultation Group which adds participants year round from enthusiastic film enthusiasts.

    For more information visit the website