Press Releases

Five Debut Films Nominated for the European Film Awards 2017

18 Oktober 2017

The European Film Academy congratulates the nominees for the EUROPEAN DISCOVERY 2017 – Prix FIPRESCI, an award presented annually as part of the European Film Awards to a young and upcoming director for a first full-length feature film.  This year’s nominations were determined by a committee comprised of EFA Board Member Angeles González-Sinde (Spain), EFA....[...]

Five Films Nominated for European University Film Award (EUFA)

09 Oktober 2017

Albert Wiederspiel (FFHH), Fabian Gasmia, Dagmar Brunow, Juho Kuosmanen, Elli Mastorou and Kathrin Kohlstedde (FFHH) / Picture: Filmfest Hamburg At the Filmfest Hamburg, the five nominated films for the European University Film Award (EUFA) have been announced. Introduced in 2016, this award is presented by university students from across Europe. Based on the lists of 51....[...]

15 Shorts Nominated for the European Film Awards 2017

25 September 2017

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions are proud to present this year's short film nominations. At each of the 15 participating film festivals, an independent jury presented one European short film in competition with a nomination in the short film category of the European Film Awards. Nominated are: Ghent Short Film Nominee TIMECODEby Juanjo GiménezSpain....[...]

EFA Honours Julie Delpy

15 September 2017

European Achievement in World Cinema goes to French-American Actress In recognition of a rich and diverse career in front of and behind the camera, Julie Delpy will receive the honorary award EUROPEAN ACHIEVEMENT IN WORLD CINEMA. Born in Paris, Julie Delpy was discovered when she was 14 years old by Jean-Luc Godard, who cast her in DETECTIVE (1985). She graduated in....[...]

Vote for EFA People's Choice Award Opens

01 September 2017

Every year, the EFA People’s Choice Award allows film fans across Europe to elect their favourite film. When the European Film Academy invites its members, Europe’s greatest film stars, directors, actors and actresses, to attend the European Film Awards, the People’s Choice Award sheds a spotlight on the people films are made for: the audience. This year’s vote has started –....[...]