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LUX Audience Week Presents Nominated Films Online

10 May 2021

Film Fans Across Europe Can Watch And Vote – Until Vote Closes on 23 May With two more weeks to vote, the 2021 LUX Audience Award continues its European tour, including virtual screenings and a live Q&A with the filmmakers. The LUX Audience Week (10-16 May) now presents the nominated films online: ANOTHER ROUND by Thomas....[...]

THE CROSSING Wins EFA Young Audience Award 2021

26 April 2021

3,600 Young Jurors From 38 Countries Elect Norwegian Film by Johanne Helgeland YAA 2021 for THE CROSSING: Director Johanne Helgeland, actress Anna Sofie Skarholt and actor Samson Steine Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the originally planned theatre screenings had to be cancelled in almost all participating countries. The 12-14-year-old jury members watched the three....[...]

Young Film Fans Want to Watch More European Films

20 April 2021

European Film Academy unites 80 young film lovers in Young Audience Summit Young people have a great appetite for watching more European films. That is what 80 participating 12-16-year-olds from 25 European countries expressed unanimously at the EFA Young Audience Summit on 17 April. However, 64% say that they do not find it easy to get access to European films.....[...]

European Film & the Next Generation

18 March 2021

EFA Young Audience Summit Unites Young Cinephiles to Explore how European film can “bring us all together”Just before this year's EFA Young Audience Award (YAA) once again presents three nominated films to 12-to-14-year-olds across the continent, the focus at the EFA Young Audience Summit on 17 April goes beyond this annual event: Created with and co-hosted by a group of....[...]

Three Films Nominated for EFA Young Audience Award 2021

10 March 2021

Partners in 38 Countries Participate in Hybrid Event Even in difficult times like these, with cinemas closed in many countries, the EFA Young Audience Award invites 12-14-year-olds across Europe to join the international jury, watch three nominated films and vote for the winner of the Young Audience Award 2021. The European Film Academy (EFA) and EFA Productions proudly....[...]

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