Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Candidate: BEYOND IS THE DAY

The European Film Academy and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival congratulate:

Candidate of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Poland, fiction, 25 min
DIRECTED BY Damian Kocur

Black and white photographs, amateurs in leading parts and the small realism of Poland’s provinces: Paweł is a single man who works on a small river ferry. Day by day he keeps doing the same things until he meets Mohammad, an illegal immigrant. Paweł decides to help him. Finally, there is someone he can talk to.

BEYOND IS THE DAY was chosen by the festival's international jury comprised of Bertrand Faivre (producer / France), Pascale Faure (film consultant, producer, screenwriter, programming director / France), Bérangère Mc Neese (actress, screenwriter, director, producer / Belgium, USA), Anthony Nti (director, screenwriter, producer / Ghana, Belgium) & Hefang Wei (director, artistic director / China, France): 

to a film combining beauty, humour and generosity, to invite us to keep our house open in our solitude. To a film that is not openly, but subtly political, where an old Polish man reminds us all that our homeland is but a camp in the desert. The award goes to DALEJ JEST DZIEN (BEYOND IS THE DAY), by Damian Kocur.

The film is now a candidate for a nomination in the category 'European Short Film' at the European Film Award 2021.

The EFA Short Film Programme is organised by the European Film Academy and EFA Productions in co-operation with a series of film festivals throughout Europe. At each of these festivals, an independent jury presents one of the European short films in competition with a candidacy in the short film category of the European Film Awards.

This is the ninth short film candidate for 2021. When the annual cycle is completed, the participating festivals will nominate five short films from this list. Afterwards, the 3,800 EFA Members – film professionals from all over Europe – will vote for the overall winner that will be presented at the 34th European Film Awards Ceremony.

Berlin, 07 February 2021