EFA Mourns Sean Connery

European cinema has lost a great actor and the European Film Academy has lost a dear friend: Sir Sean Connery.

He has not only famously embodied the world's best known secret agent, but has created some of cinema's most unforgettable characters in such films as MARNIE by Alfred Hitchcock, MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS by Sidney Lumet, THE WIND AND THE LION by John Milius and THE UNTOUCHABLES by Brian de Palma. He has worked with a great variety of directors including Mikheil Kalotozishvili for THE RED TENT, John Boorman for ZARDOZ, Jean-Jacques Annaud for THE NAME OF THE ROSE, John McTiernan for THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, Fred Schepisi for THE RUSSIA HOUSE, and Gus Van Sant for FINDING FORRESTER. In 2005, he received the EFA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sean Connery passed away on 31 October in Nassau (Bahamas). He was 90. We will miss him.