New Regulations for European Film Awards

The European Film Academy has changed the selection procedure for feature and documentary films running for the European Film Awards.

The EFA Board decided to introduce some modifications which will reduce the amount of selected films, make the selection procedure more democratic and treat all countries equally.

There is no longer a national vote to include one national film in the selection. Until now, those EFA Members from the 20 countries with the most members voted one national film directly into the EFA Feature Film Selection.

In addition to the existing criteria for European films to participate in the EFAs, these films now also have to fulfil at least one of the following: awarded at major festivals, received major attention at festivals, sold to or theatrically released in at least three countries (for documentaries: one country). Provided a film fulfils at least one of these criteria and matches the EFA Regulations, it can be recommended by EFA Members, European film institutions, festivals, EFA Patrons and rights-holders of European films. European, in the sense of the European Film Academy, means geographical Europe, both EU and non-EU, and includes Israeli and Palestinian.

Deadline is 31 May after which date committees will select max. 45 feature films and 12 documentaries to be recommended to the EFA Members for a nomination. The EFA Members will then vote for the winners which will be announced at the 32nd European Film Awards on 7 December in Berlin.

The full EFA Regulations are available online at

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