EFA Awards the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa the Title “Treasure of European Film Culture”

On the occasion of the Odessa International Film Festival, taking place from 10 to 18 July, the European Film Academy will award the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa the title “Treasure of European Film Culture”.

Sergei Eisenstein shot his master piece BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN 90 years ago at the Black Sea port. The Potemkin Stairs are undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous historical film locations. 

During a ceremony a special “Treasure of European Film Culture” emblem will be inaugurated next to the Potemkin Stairs. With this title the European Film Academy wishes to raise public awareness for places of a symbolic nature for European cinema, places of historical value that need to be maintained and protected not just now but also for generations to come. 

The Potemkin Stairs are the fifth location to be awarded by the European Film Academy. The first four institutions that were adopted to be part of the “Treasures of European Film Culture” list were: 

•     The Eisenstein Memorial Centre in Moscow
•     The House of the brothers Lumière in Lyon 
•     The Bergman Center in Faro 
•     The World of Tonino Guerra in Pennabilli 

The list of Treasures of European Film Culture will be added to over the years and contains places that can be visited, including memorable film locations such as the Potemkin stairs. Since its foundation in 1910, every year the Odessa Film Festival invites the public to open air screenings of international film classics accompanied by live music. This year, British composer Michael Nyman will conduct his live score for Dziga Vertov’s documentary A MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA (1929). 

Berlin, 18 June 2015