The European Film Academy (EFA) and Berlin International Film Festival congratulate: 

Berlin Short Film Nominee 
by Ulu Braun 
Germany, experimental, 19 min 

‘A presumably African village, inhabited by Germans. The film Burkina Brandenburg Komplex describes a geographical construction that makes use of “our” medial and collective image of Africa and puts it to the test through inaccuracies. An archaeological find is made in a mine: a Ferrari®. We tag along with Joachim on his everyday rounds. He has his heart set on realising a common energy project. The Museum of Prussian Cultural Heritage is run by a woman of color. She presents artefacts from Western consumer culture with a special emphasis on German products. Joachim is involved in the ritualistic production of energy in the village, but gets excluded when the ceremony is nearing its finale, finally catapulting himself out of the “story/history”.’ Ulu Braun 

The jury consisted of Portuguese director Diogo Costa Amarante, South African director & scholar Jyoti Mistry and curator Mark Toscano from the USA. 

The film is now nominated for the award 'European Short Film 2018'. It joins the following films which were already nominated: 

Valladolid  Short Film Nominee
by Pablo Muñoz Gomez
France/Belgium, fiction, 15 min

Uppsala Short Film Nominee

by Reber Dosky
The Netherlands, documentary, 16 min

Cork Short Film Nominee
by Sebastian Lang
Germany, fiction, 30 min

Leuven Short Film Nominee 
by Pavlo Ostrikov
Ukraine, fiction, 19 min

Rotterdam Short Film Nominee 
by Heather Phillipson
UK, experimental, 8 min

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Nominee

by Petar Krumov
Bulgaria, fiction, 24 min

The EFA Short Film Programme is organised by the European Film Academy in co-operation with a series of film festivals throughout Europe. At each of these festivals, an independent jury presents one of the European short films in competition with a nomination in the short film category of the European Film Awards. 

The next nomination for 2018 will be presented in co-operation with Tampere Film Festival.

When the annual cycle is completed, the nominees will be presented to the more than 3,000 members of the European Film Academy and it is they who will elect the overall winner: the European Short Film 2018 which will be presented at the 31st European Film Awards Ceremony on 15 December in Seville. 

Berlin, 26 February 2018