EFA Calls for Release of Kirill Serebrennikov

The European Film Academy wishes to express its deepest concern about the Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov being placed under house arrest and calls for his immediate release.
Kirill Serebrennikov, one of the most prominent Russian theatre and film directors who was part of the EFA Selection 2013 with BETRAYAL (Izmena) and 2016 with THE STUDENT (Uchenik), for which Ilya Demutsky received the award European Composer 2016, and whose films were presented at festivals like Cannes, Venice and Locarno, was charged with fraud, detained in Moscow and placed under house arrest. This means that he is unable to continue his work as an artist, both at the Gogol Theatre in Moscow and to finish his film in St. Petersburg. 
There is every reason to believe that Kirill Serebrennikov's arrest is politically motivated and we respectfully call upon the Russian authorities to have the detained released immediately and unconditionally and to guarantee his free movement and artistic expression.
Berlin, 23 August 2017

The EFA Board
Agnieszka Holland, director, Poland
Mike Downey, producer, United Kingdom
Antonio Saura, producer, Spain
Francis Boespflug, producer, France
Lynda Myles, producer, United Kingdom 
Rebecca O'Brien, producer, United Kingdom 
Ira von Gienanth, producer, Germany 
Jacqueline Abrahams, production designer, United Kingdom
Elena Afanasyeva, editor, Russian Federation 
Sebastián Alfie, director, Spain
Anamaria Antoci, producer, Romania
Angeliki Antoniou, director, Greece
Fabien Ara, actor, France
Marion Bailey, actress, United Kingdom 
Julie Baines, producer, United Kingdom
Rainer Bartesch, composer, Germany  
Jasna Fritzi Bauer, actress, Switzerland
Katrina Bayonas, talent agent, United Kingdom
Bibiana Beglau, actress, Germany  
Giedrė Beinoriūtė, director, Lithuania
Gunnar Bergdahl, critic / journalist, Sweden 
Lou Berghmans, cinematographer, Belgium 
Daniel Bergman, director, Sweden 
Fatos Berisha, festival, Kosovo
Bert Beyens, director, Belgium
Jürgen Biesinger, producer European Film Awards, Germany 
Nancy Bishop, casting director, Czech Republic
Pnina Blayer,Haifa Film Festival, Israel 
Michael Boehme, producer, Germany
Celine Bolomey, actress, France
Sol Bondy, producer, Germany 
Mathilde Bonnefoy, editor, Germany 
Simon Bosanquet, producer, United Kingdom 
Nicoletta Braschi, actress, Italy  
Paul Brett, institutional, United Kingdom
Aleš Březina, composer, Czech Republic 
Oliver Broumis, actor, Germany
Stefanie Bruhn, costume designer, Germany
Janez Burger, director, Slovenia 
Timothy Burrill, producer, United Kingdom 
Sylvain Bursztejn, producer, France
João Canijo, director, Portugal
Kujtim Çashku, director, Albania 
Sergio Castellitto, actor, Italy
Marco Chimenz, European Producers Club, Italy 
Maria Choustova, producer, The Netherlands
Dr. Elena Christodoulidou,Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus
Jorge Coira, director, Spain 
Laia Costa, actress, Spain 
Denis Côté, filmmaker, Canada
Gilles Coulier, director, Belgium 
Drs Ludmila Cvikova, festival, Slovakia
François d'Artemare, producer, France 
Aris Dagios, producer, Greece
Claas Danielsen, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH, Germany
Mieke de Jong, screenwriter, Netherlands
Maria de Medeiros, actress, Portugal 
Georges Delmote, Brussels IFFF, Belgium 
Evgenia Dodina, actress, Israel 
Christine Dollhofer, Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz, Austria
Alexander Donev, producer, Bulgaria 
Marion Döring, Director European Film Academy, Germany
Juliette Duret, Centre for Fine Arts – BOZAR, Belgium
Pascal Edelmann, EFA Head of Press & PR, Germany
Judit Elek, director, Hungary 
Alexey Fedorchenko, director, Russian Federation 
Olena Fetisova, director, Ukraine
William Edouard Franck, sound designer, Germany
Fernando Franco, director, Spain
Giorgos Frentzos, cinematographer, Greece
Guillermo García López, director, Spain
Javor Gardev, director, Bulgari
Massimo Gaudioso, screenwriter, Italy 
Katrin Gebbe, director, Germany 
Lina Geissmann, producer, Switzerland 
François-Eric Gendron, actor, France
Emilie Georges, int'l sales agent, France  
Dr. Christina Georgiou, composer, Cyprus
Krzysztof Gierat, institutional, Poland
Carlos Gil, director, Spain 
Yevgeny Gindilis, producer, Russian Federation
Prof. Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová, screenwriter, Slovakia
Marcel Gisler, director, Switzerland 
Luciano Gloor, producer, Switzerland
John Goldschmidt, director, United Kingdom
Srdan Golubovic, director, Serbia
Tzahi Grad, director, Israel 
Eleonora Granata-Jenkinson, producer, Italy 
Philip Gröning, director, Germany 
Elda Guidinetti, producer, Switzerland
Elisabet Gustafsson, director, Sweden
Roman Gutek, distributor/exhibitor, Poland 
Michèle Halberstadt-Pétin, producer, France 
Christopher Hampton, screenwriter, United Kingdom 
Sten Hassing Møller, talent agent, Denmark 
Monic Hendrickx, actress, The Netherlands
Francisco Heras De La Calle, institutional, Spain 
Jules Herrmann, director, Germany 
Astrid Heubrandtner Verschuur, aac, cinematographer, Austria
Oliver Hirschbiegel, director, Germany  
Danijel Hocevar, producer, Slovenia 
Jan Erik Holst, institutional, Norway 
Duane Hopkins, director, United Kingdom 
Ashley Horner, producer, United Kingdom
Dušan Hudec, director, Slovakia 
Rustam Ibragimbekov, screenwriter, Russian Federation
Dennis Ivanov, institutional, Ukraine 
Antoine Jaccoud, screenwriter, Switzerland
Paula L. Jalfon, producer, United Kingdom 
Stefan Jarl, director, Sweden
Nikola Joetze, Event Manager & Sponsoring EFA Productions, Germany
Louise H. Johansen, festival programmer, Denmark/Czech Republic
László Kántor, producer, Hungary 
Anna Katchko, producer, Germany 
Branka Katic, actress, Serbia 
Mika Kaurismäki, director, Finland 
Emre Kayiş, director, Turkey 
Katrin Kissa, producer, Estonia 
Stefan Kitanov, producer, Bulgaria
Burghart Klaußner, actor, Germany 
Alexander Kleider, director, Germany 
Naum Kleiman, institutional, Russian Federation 
Jiří Klenka, sound designer, Czech Republic
Levan Koguashvili, director, Georgia 
Xavier Koller, director, Switzerland 
Victor Kossakovsky, director, Russian Federation 
Mischa Krausz, composer, Austria
Beatrice Kruger, casting director, Italy 
Visar Krusha, producer, Kosovo
Magdalena Labuz, costume designer, Luxembourg
Claudia Landsberger, institutional, The Netherlands
Pekka Lanerva, Helsinki IFF, Finland
Paul Laverty, screenwriter, United Kingdom 
Lise Lense-Møller, producer, Denmark 
Anne Leppin, Deutsche Filmakademie, Germany
Alina Levshin, actress, Germany
Charles Liburd, screenwriter, United Kingdom
Sandy Lieberson, producer, United Kingdom  
Ken Loach, director, United Kingdom
Annette Lofy, production designer, Germany 
Tiina Lokk, festival, Estonia 
Konstantin Lopushansky, director, Russian Federation
Barbara Lorey de Lacharrière, critic / journalist, France 
Sergei Loznitsa, director, Germany 
Tadeusz Lubelski, institutional, Poland 
Pia Lundberg, Swedish Film Institute, Sweden
Angelina Maccarone, director, Germany 
Christa Maerker, director, Germany
Roni Mahadav-Levin, institutional, Israel
Alan Maher, producer, Ireland 
Brigitta Manthey, advisor film funding, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany
Stavros Markonis, composer, Greece
Janine Marmot, producer, United Kingdom
Gesa Marten, editor, Germany
Ivo Mathé, institutional, Czech Republic
Ulrich Matthes, actor, Germany 
Manolis Mavromatakis, actor, Greece
Kurt Mayer, director, Austria 
Fergal McGrath, editor, Ireland
Stephen Melchiori, festival, France 
Helen Mirren, actress, United Kingdom 
Labina Mitevska, actress, FYR Macedonia 
Jelena Mitrovic, producer, Serbia
Víctor Molero, production designer, Spain  
Juan Antonio Moreno Amador, director, Spain
Viggo Mortensen, actor, Denmark 
Ulrike Müller, casting director, Germany
Giancarlo Muselli, production designer, Italy
Paul Negoescu, director, Romania
Egon Nieser, distributor/exhibitor, Germany 
Nikolaj Nikitin, SOFA / School of Film Agents, Germany
Veton Nurkollari, festival, Kosovo
Karel Och, Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic 
Vladlen Odudenko, production designer, Ukraine
Christina Olofson, director, Sweden
Sophia Maria Catarina Olsson, cinematographer, Sweden 
Jugoslav Pantelić, institutional, Serbia
Isabella Parkinson, actress, Germany 
Paul Pauwels, institutional, Belgium
Elena Pedrazzoli, producer, Switzerland 
Sergio Pelone, producer, Italy
Laurent Pétin, producer, France 
Dries Phlypo, producer, Belgium
Andrei Plakhov, institutional, Russian Federation 
Gergely Pohárnok, cinematographer, Hungary 
Mikolaj Pokromski, producer, Poland
Waldemar Pokromski, hair & make-up artist, Poland
Elina Psykou, director, Greece 
María Luisa Pujol Canals, institutional, Spain
Juri Rechinsky, director, Austria
Aurélien Recoing, actor, France 
Peter Reichenbach, producer, Switzerland 
Prof. Bettina Reitz, producer, Germany 
Johannes Rexin, producer, Germany
Wolfgang Richter, director, Germany
Mariëtte Rissenbeek, German Films, Germany
Julian Rodd, editor, United Kingdom
Patricia Rommel, editor, Germany
Dorota Roqueplo, costume designer, Poland 
Cecilia Roth, actress, Spain
Susann Rüdlinger, producer, Switzerland
Lisa Marie Russo , producer, United Kingdom
Dmitry Ruzhentsev, producer, Russian Federation
Viktoria Salcher, producer, Austria
Beth Sanders, producer, United Kingdom 
Lamberto Sanfelice, director, Italy
Markéta Šantrochová, Czech Film Center, Czech Republic 
Dr. Giacomo Scarpelli, screenwriter, Italy 
Volker Schlöndorff, director, Germany
Fabian Schmidt, sound designer, Germany
Gerhard Schmidt, producer, Germany 
René Schoenenberger, actor, Switzerland 
Noemi Schory, producer, Israel 
Maurizio Sciarra, director, Italy  
Kenneth Scicluna, director, Malta 
Anna Serner, Swedish Film Institute, Sweden 
Roberto Sessa, producer, Italy
Sadžida Šetić, actress, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alik Shpilyuk, institutional, Ukraine 
Hubertus Siegert, director, Germany
Riina Sildos, producer, Estonia 
Oliver Simon, producer, Germany
Peter Simonischek, actor, Austria  
Áron Sipos, producer, Hungary 
Stellan Skarsgård, actor, Sweden
Elena Slaboshpitskaya, producer, Russia/Ukraine
Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy, director, Ukraine 
Marianne Slot, producer, France
Anja Šošić, producer, Poland
Mira Staleva, Sofia IFF, Bulgaria 
Michael Stejskal, distributor/exhibitor, Austria
Jenny Stjernströmer Björk, distributor/exhibitor, Sweden 
Karsten Stöter, producer, Germany
Ivan Strasburg, cinematographer, United Kingdom  
Anjorka Strechel, actress, Germany
Pavel Strnad, producer, Czech Republic
Peter Suschitzky, cinematographer, United Kingdom 
János Szász, director, Hungary 
Julia Tal, producer, Switzerland
Giuliano Taviani, composer, Italy 
Christiane Teichgräber, institutional, Germany 
Paul Thiltges, producer, Luxembourg
Béatrice Thiriet, composer, France 
Heba Þórisdóttir, hair & make-up artist, Iceland 
Gorjan Tozija, Macedonian Film Agency, FYR Macedonia
Fien Troch, director, Belgium
Tambet Tuisk, actor, Estonia 
Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem, screenwriter, Belgium
Ben Verbong, director, The Netherlands 
Rudolf van den Berg, director, The Netherlands
Els Vandevorst, producer, The Netherlands
Prof. Claudia von Alemann, director, Germany 
Mirjam von Arx, producer, Switzerland  
Matthias von Gunten, director, Switzerland 
Margarethe von Trotta, director, Germany 
Rachel Ward, director, United Kingdom 
Chris Westendorp, screenwriter, The Netherlands
Kristine Wilhelmsen, production designer, Norway 
Stuart Wilson, sound designer, United Kingdom 
Arkadiusz Wojnarowski, producer, Poland
Gudrun Wolff, curator Russian Film Days Münster, Germany
Anna Wunderlich, production designer, Poland
Dr Karsten Xuereb, cultural policy researcher, Malta
Keren Yedaya, director, Israel
Pjer Zalica, director, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Janusz Zaorski, director, Poland 
Jasmila Zbanić, director, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Blerta Zeqiri, director, Kosovo
Giedrė Žickytė, director, Lithuania 
David Zimmerschied, actor, Germany
Anke Zindler, Just Publicity, Germany