Berlinale Nominates German Short DISSONANCE by Till Nowak

The European Film Academy (EFA) and the Berlin International Film Festival congratulate: 

Berlin Short Film Nominee for the European Film Awards 2015
by Till Nowak
Germany 2015, animation, 17'00

What is reality and what is imagination? Who defines the boundaries? A gifted pianist plays piano. The piano reflects the pianist’s emotion, exploding every dimension. As does the emotion: the man misses his daughter, is no longer allowed to see her. Had the man seen a doctor however, he would most likely have been diagnosed with a psychosis. Would, should, could. 
He lives on the street. The mother is worried, as the man who was once her husband sinks ever deeper. What kind of world is this, that puts a smile on his face, while inspiring nothing but fear in her? The daughter has no fear. All that remains is longing.
In DISSONANCE, reality and fantasy merge, flow into one another. 3D animation and live action become one. An odyssey through time and space. A modern fairytale.

Director Till Nowak (centre) with Bettina Schwarz (EFA, far left), the international short film jury, and Berlinale Shorts curator Maike Mia Höhne (third from left) Picture: © Heinrich Völkel

The film was chosen by the festival's international short film jury comprised of artist Halil Altındere (Turkey), curator/author Wahyuni A. Hadi (Singapore) and filmmaker Madhusree Dutta (India) . DISSONANCE is now nominated for the award 'European Short Film 2015'. 

The EFA short film initiative is organised by the European Film Academy in co-operation with a series of film festivals throughout Europe. At each of these festivals, an independent jury presents one of the European short films in competition with a nomination in the short film category of the European Film Awards. 

The next nomination for 2015 will be presented in co-operation with the Tampere Film Festival.

When the annual cycle is completed, the nominees will be presented to the over 3,000 members of the European Film Academy and it is they who will elect the overall winner: the European Short Film 2015 which will be presented at the 28th European Film Awards Ceremony on 12 December in Berlin. 

Berlin, 16 February 2015