A Private Cinema in Luxembourg

In the second smallest sovereign nation in Europe, big things were happening when 14 young and aspiring filmmakers from 11 countries (Azerbaijan, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine) came together for A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY at a special retreat in the beautiful countryside of Luxembourg. Sharing their knowledge and experience with the group were the three EFA Members Jani Thiltges (producer, Luxembourg), who was this year's host, George Ovashvili (director, Georgia) and Christophe Leparc (Managing Director of the "Quinzaine des Réalisateurs" at the Cannes Film Festival, France). 

Surrounded by an impressive kitchen garden with not only a pond nearby, but a trampoline and some animals as well, and united by their passion for film, intense conversations and discussions evolved. Once again it was great to see how such a diverse group of people starts merging after only a short time, how complete strangers get themselves into the adventure of the unknown and emerge as friends who seem to have known each other for very long. Besides enjoying specialties like Lebanese catering, self-made gnocchi or a huge portion of fish and chips, the participants became a real film family while watching each other's work in a private cinema. In addition to these daily screenings, some of them at midnight, the group also explored the city of Luxembourg and visited the oldest city fair of Europe, the "Schueberfouer".

Neus Ballús (Spain), Rebecca Cremona (Malta), Ujkan Hysaj (Kosovo), Elmar Imanov (Azerbaijan), Max Jacoby (Luxembourg), Rahela Jagric (Slovenia), Félix Koch (Luxembourg), Jakob Lass (Germany), Jacques Molitor (Luxembourg), Cristina Picchi (Italy), Yael Reuveny (Israel), Natalia Saufert (Moldova), Julie Schroell (Luxembourg), Maryna Vroda (Ukraine)

Christophe Leparc (France) – Managing Director Quinzaine des Réalisateurs
George Ovashvili (Georgia) – director
Jani Thiltges (Luxembourg) – producer

Nikola Joetze – Event Management & TV Sales European Film Awards 
Elena Schulze – Intern

Françoise Lentz – Promotion / PR / General Affairs
Sébastien Tasch – Project Manager 

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH

"I think, if any movie lover would ask the question what a perfect weekend would be like, it would probably be the 14 young filmmakers who spent A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY in Luxembourg to give the best answers. Watching the other directors' movies together, discussing their works, eating, drinking, taking little walks before returning to the screening room with the great projector – all this may seem unpretentious, but in fact it turns out to be a wonderful way to generate a network without any national borders. The get-togethers with deep discussions took place in a warm atmosphere of mutual learning, and a strong team spirit immediately developed. Thanks to our three experts, who equally participated in the debates and contributed their knowledge, a real exchange between the generations of filmmakers, that in my opinion is so valuable for newcomers, was possible!"
– Neus Ballús –

"I frankly can claim that during these days on A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY, we became a film family! In some way it felt like we were kids doing stuff while their parents are absent. But instead of only playing, fighting and breaking things like their mother's vases, we watched films and shared our cinematic experiences! It was a pleasure getting to know everyone on a professional basis by sharing our work. I hope we will repeat this great experience in Kosovo in the near future. 
– Ujkan Hysaj –

"I would like to thank every single one for an extraordinary time! I'll always remember how we cooked pasta and baked apple pie, and I won't forget the impressions from everyone's films. I really enjoyed all the warm discussions and having dinner together! Let's hope we'll all meet again!"
– Maryna Vroda –

"I'm super glad I had the chance to be a part of this – I learned so much and still feel like being in a film-exhilaration!"
– Julie Schroell –

"It was a real pleasure to spend this weekend with so many talented young filmmakers and I would be very interested in following everyone's future works!"
– Christophe Leparc –

"In my opinion, A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY is a very interesting and important project. I guess it really helps the young filmmakers, but it was a unique experience for me as well. This project gives the possibilities to make our community of filmmakers stronger, and it makes a significant contribution to developing the film industry. I really enjoyed staying on this beautiful farm. I am sure that those amazing memories will stay with me for a long time!"
– George Ovashvili –