LUX Audience Award

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    Presented in co-operation with the European Parliament and in partnership with the European Commission and Europa Cinemas, the award is built on the LUX Prize, the film prize of the European Parliament established in 2007 as a symbol of the European Parliament’s commitment to culture, and EFA’s People’s Choice Award. It continues building bridges across Europe, as one of the LUX Award’s objectives, by shedding light on films that go to the heart of the European public debate. The award aims at strengthening ties between politics and citizens, by inviting European audiences to become active protagonists by voting for their favourite films.


    In order to be eligible for the LUX Audience Award, the films – fiction, animation or documentaries with a minimum length of 60 minutes – have to fulfil each of the following criteria:

    • To have been produced or co-produced in countries eligible for the CREATIVE EUROPE-MEDIA Programme (European Union countries and Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, North Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine)
    • To have had their first official screening (be it at a festival, at a regular cinema or online) between 1 September 2020 and 1 September 2021
    • To have been nominated, awarded or received higher attention at a major film festival
    • To have been sold to or have been theatrically released in at least five EU countries (sold to at least three EU countries in the case of films participating at Cannes Film Festival or at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival)


    Based on the EFA Feature Film Selection 2021 and the EFA Documentary Selection 2021 plus additional films proposed by the LUX Selection Panel, the panel decides on three nominations for the LUX European Audience Film Award 2022 to be announced at the European Film Awards Ceremony in December 2021.

    Election of the Winner

    The three nominated films are subtitled in the 24 official EU languages and free screenings are organised in every EU Member State during the watch & vote period, with subtitled film copies (DCPs) produced by the European Parliament.

    The three nominated films are viewed by audiences in cinemas (online if the situation requires it) across Europe, via the LUX Film Days (February – May) and the LUX Audience Week (March or May depending on the ceremony date). Voting opens for the public from day 1 after the EFA Ceremony until two weeks before the LUX Ceremony. Members of the European Parliament vote from the beginning of March until the day before the Awards Ceremony (exact timeline TBD/TBC). The final ranking will be determined by combining the public vote ratings and the vote ratings by the Members of the European Parliament, with each group weighing 50 per cent. The film with the highest average rating will become the winner.

    The winning film is announced at the LUX Audience Award Ceremony in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

    The director of the winning film receives a special LUX Award trophy.

    The winning film is adapted in 24 EU languages for the hearing impaired and original and dubbed versions for the visually impaired.