Feature films


    Feature films participating in the European Film Awards 2022 must be European* feature-length fiction films intended for theatrical release which must have had their first official screening (be it at a festival, at a regular cinema or online) between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2022. The Academy Board has the right to refrain from this rule in exceptional cases.

    The films must have a director who was born in Europe or holds a European* passport.

    In order to be eligible, the film has to fulfill at least one of the following criteria:

    • To have been awarded at major festivals
    • To have received acclaim at international festivals
    • To have been theatrically released in at least three countries or sold for such release

    Films have to be submitted by their rights-holders. Rights-holders agree to provide the films for the academy’s VOD platform. The version submitted has to be the original language version with English subtitles (for English-language films this is recommended but not mandatory).

    Submission deadline for feature films is 31 May 2022.

    Contact for film submission and further information: submission

    Selection procedure

    The board and a group of experts appointed by the board select 35 – 45 films for the FEATURE FILM SELECTION proposed to the academy members to be considered for a nomination.

    The selected films are made available on the academy’s VOD platform to the members for the nomination procedure.

    Rights-holders of European* films which are not among the selected films may – upon payment of a fee – make their films available to the academy members on the VOD platform.

    Nomination procedure

    There are five nominations in each of the following categories:

    • European Film
    • European Director
    • European Actress
    • European Actor
    • European Screenwriter

    Based on the FEATURE FILM SELECTION and the films additionally made available by rights-holders, four of the nominations in each of these categories are voted for by the academy members. The board adds one nomination in each category. The board’s nominations may also be chosen from films nominated as EUROPEAN DISCOVERY – Prix FIPRESCI, EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY and EUROPEAN COMEDY.

    These nominations will be announced four to five weeks prior to the European Film Awards Ceremony.

    There are additional nominations in each of the following categories:


    • European Comedy (3 films)
    • European Discoery – Prix FIPRESCI (6 films)

    Election of the winners

    Based on the nominations, the academy members vote for the winners in the following categories:

    • European Film
    • European Comedy
    • European Discovery – Prix Fipresci
    • European Director
    • European Actress
    • European Actor
    • European Screenwriter

    Based on the FEATURE FILM SELECTION, a special excellence awards jury decides on the awards recipients in the following categories

    • European Cinematography
    • European Editing
    • European Production Design
    • European Costume Design
    • European Make-up & Hair
    • European Original Score
    • European Sound
    • European Visual Effects

    There are no nominations in these categories.

    * The criteria whereby a film qualifies as European are based upon the Council of Europe Convention on Cinemato­graphic Co-production (CETS No. 220). European, in the sense of the European Film Academy, means geographical Europe, both EU and non-EU, and shall include Israeli and Palestinian