How to join

    Voting members of the European Film Academy are European film professionals whose work is recognised in Europe, who declare their willingness to actively support the aims of the Academy and to participate in the Academy’s training and promotional activities.


    At present, the European Film Academy embraces 4,772 European film professionals – actors, actresses, casting directors, cinematographers, composers, costume designers, film critics and journalists, directors, distributors, editors, exhibitors, festival directors, hair & make-up artists, international sales agents, producers, production designers, screenwriters, sound designers, talent agents, and visual effects supervisors.

    If you wish to join the European Film Academy, please find the membership criteria below and complete the Membership application form. The annual Membership fee amounts to EUR 225 / Young Membership fee EUR 100.

    Should you have any questions concerning membership, please contact the Academy team for more information.

    Membership Criteria (36+)

    • Every year, the European Film Academy invites new member candidates in spring. Confirmed members are officially announced on Europe Day (9 May).
    • Only film professionals who fulfil all membership criteria are invited. Film professionals interested in becoming a member can reach out to the Academy team.
    • It is the Board of the European Film Academy who grants membership.
    • The Academy may require recommendations in support of your candidacy.
    • To be confirmed as a member, we will ask you to provide us with sufficient data through the filling out of a form. Only after this, candidate members will be confirmed as new Academy members.
    • Film professionals reaching out after the official deadline for annual new membership might exceptionally be considered and confirmed as members outside the annual membership announcement. However, their names will be announced publicly at the following year’s announcement only.
    • New members have to decide in which section they wish to be listed: - Actor / Actress - Casting Director - Cinematographer - Composer - Costume Designer - Critic / Journalist - Director - Distributor/Exhibitor - Editor - Festival - Hair & Make-Up Artist - International Sales Agent - Producer - Production Designer - Screenwriter - Sound Designer - Talent Agent - Visual Effects Supervisor - Institutional (film schools, funding, other institutions, etc.)
    • Applicants working in the creative fields of the industry, as well as producers, must have worked on at least 3 full-length cinema productions (feature, documentary, animation) and must have received opening credits for their work on these films (please send a filmography).
    • The Board of the European Film Academy decides individually on non-creative and institutional applications (please send a short CV in English).
    • Nominees and European Film Awards winners are invited to join the European Film Academy.
    • Nominees or winners of European national film awards are eligible to become members in the above-mentioned categories.

    Young Membership Criteria (under 36)

    • Applicants must be under 36 years of age and have received opening credits for their work on at least one feature-length (70+ minutes) cinema production (fiction, documentary or animation) and this film must have had an official screening in a regular, international section of a competitive FIAPF-accredited European film festival or been nominated by a national film academy.
    • Otherwise, the above-mentioned criteria apply.

    Apply for membership

    Please complete the application form for Membership or Young Membership and send an e-mail to the Academy team.