Master Class on 3D Filmmaking

EFA Master Class 2010


Creating stories and images for 3D Film 
for European film directors, cinematographers, set designers, editors, writers and producers

with Alain Derobe in co-operation with Florian Maier
12-18 July 2010

Alain Derobe with Wim Wenders

Alain Derobe with Wim Wenders

Florian Maier

The production of a live-action 3D film is a highly complex process and it is essential that all crafts involved in the creation of such a film develop an understanding and knowledge of its specifics. Only then will a distinctive and innovative cinematic language arise. And only then will adding a third dimension to film result in a sustainable narrative impact on audiovisual history.

The EFA Master Class 2010 STEREOSCOPIC STORYTELLING is a multi-disciplinary workshop equally addressed to European film directors, cinematographers, set designers, editors, writers and producers. The workshop was offered in a short term training format of seven days at the Berlin-based post-production house das werk. In a mixture of group sessions, screenings, case studies and lectures, but with a focus on hands-on exercises, it allowed the participants to gain a profound knowledge of the 3D workflow:

As Alain Derobe explained before, “Stereo 3D is a specific language and my main aim is to explain how it works. Can we operate the same way we do with traditional work? There are so many different opinions about this!
We need to find the correct path and above all the fundaments of 3D pictures and stories.
We will start with an analysis of what the audience can see on the screen during a good 3D picture screening. Then, we will understand how the human brain reconstructs depth with these double flat pictures. Stereo 3D is made to be seen by the human visual system and it is the only one that can teach us how to “represent” reality on a screen. Afterwards, we will be able to easily understand the rules for telling convincing stories in good stereo 3D.
With the help of other 3D specialists, we will experiment with the logic of different equipment, we will show how to take pictures, how to edit and how to adjust them for screening.

Alain Derobe, one of Europe’s leading stereographers, acted as the Master of the workshop. He was supported by Florian Maier (Stereoscopic Technologies GmbH), a highly experienced 3D consultant and developer of new 3D camera technique. Alain Derobe and Florian Maier have worked together repeatedly in the past and developed a 3D rig together.