New Series of EFA Master Classes in Tallinn

EFA Board Member Graziella Bildesheim curated this new series of EFA Master Classes, presented in co-operation with Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event. Intended for film professionals, art department students and those interested in costume design, production design, make-up, hair, visual effects, fashion and much more, the classes took place at the Estonian Academy of Arts and at Fotografiska Tallinn.

"Out of Fashion / Fashion versus Costume" featured costume designer Ursula Patzak, known for her work with director Mario Martone - on WE BELIEVED (2010), which earned her a David di Donatello and a Ciak d’oro, LEOPARDI (2015), again awarded a David di Donatello and a Ciak d’oro, and on CAPRI-REVOLUTION, for which she won a third David di Donatello. As her focus has mainly been historical costumes, Ursula’s masterclass took a closer look at how to create a period film with authentic costumes.

"Dream Team, Makes the Dreamwork" presented a case study of DOGMAN by Matteo Garrone. EFA Winners Dalia Colli and Daniela Tartari (European Hair & Make-up Artists 2018) shared their experience of how to create a character from reading and interpretation of the script, the dialogue with the director and the other departments, what is really possible do for make-up, special make-up and hair to get as close as possible to the digital concept.

Another EFA Winner, Peter Hjorth (European Visual Effects Supervisor 2018 for BORDER) gave an insight into his visionary work, examining the paradigm shift in VFX.