How to join

Voting members of the European Film Academy must be European film professionals whose work is recognised in Europe, who declare their willingness to actively support the aims of the Academy and to participate in the Academy’s training and promotional activities.

At present, the EFA embraces more than 3,200 European film professionals - directors, actors, writers, cinematographers, composers, editors, designers, producers, distributors. Anyone wishing to join the Academy should read the following membership criteria and complete the efa-membership-application-form. The annual EFA Membership fee amounts to 200 EUR.

Should you have any questions concerning EFA Membership or if you are under 36 years old, please contact the EFA Secretariat for more information.

Membership Criteria:

  • Applicants must have worked on at least 3 film productions (feature, documentary or animation) and must have received opening credits for their work on these films.
  • All applications have to be supported by two EFA Members.
  • Nominees and European Film Awards winners are automatically invited to join the European Film Academy.
  • The EFA Board will decide on an individual basis on all non-creative and/or institutional applications.

Application Form

To apply for EFA Membership, please complete the form and send it to:

Kurfürstendamm 225
10719 Berlin
tel +49 - 30 - 887 167 - 0
fax +49 - 30 - 887 167 - 77

E-Mail: efa[at]