European Animated Feature Film

2018 Regulations:

The award is presented to the European* director of an animated feature film. Eligible candidates must be born in Europe or hold a European* passport.  

Animated feature films taken into consideration must have a minimum length of 60 minutes. Eligible films must have had their first official screening (be it at a festival or at a regular cinema) between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018. The EFA Board has the right to refrain from this rule in exceptional cases.

The criteria whereby an animation film qualifies as European* are based upon a point system set up by CARTOON, the European Association of Animation Film. To give the most flexible definition, a film qualifies as European if it achieves 10 points out of a possible maximum of 17 from a list of European elements, following below point system:

Elements: Weighting points
Concept    1
Script    2
Character design    2
Music composition     1
Directing    2
Storyboard    2
Chief decorator     1
Computer backgrounds    1
Layout    2
Compositing    1
Editing    1
Sound    1
TOTAL    17

The EFA Board has, however, the right to make any exception in cases of lower points, provided the film has a European* director.

A film is considered an animated feature film with a minimum of 50% of the film being animated. In case of doubt, a decision will be made by the EFA Board. A committee composed of experts appointed by the European Film Academy and CARTOON selects three nominations from a list of films provided by CARTOON as well as from films submitted by rights holders.

Contact for film submission and further information: submission

The three nominated films are made available as VOD to the EFA Members to vote for the winner. 

* European, in the sense of the European Film Academy, means geographical Europe, both EU and non-EU, and shall include Israeli and Palestinian