A Taste of Greece - in Poland

As the New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw was coming to an end, a small group of cinephiles gathered in an experimental-looking house outside the city next to the forest: six young film critics and journalists from Belgium, Hungary, Latvia and Poland who met for three days to watch films, discuss and exchange ideas and experiences. They met with EFA Member Chusa Lopéz Monjas, veteran Spanish film critic who now co-ordinates the department of communications of the Spanish Academy of Cinematograhic Arts and Sciences. 

Throughout the weekend, they watched the Greek films HOMELAND by Syllas Tzoumerkas and LUTON by Michalis Konstantatos, and the French films THE KIDNAPPING OF MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ by Guillaume Nicloux and QUAI D’ORSAY by Bertrand Tavernier. Most of all, they got to know each other and discussed, sometimes passionately, their views, over breakfast, after screenings, while preparing meals, around the dinner table, and well into the night: What’s the responsibility, if there is one, of a critic towards (national) film productions? And towards the reader? What is the reality for film critics in different countries? 

This was the third edition of A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY for film critics and journalists to discuss outside of the restraints and busy schedules of festivals and offices, to share their different experiences and, possibly above all, their passion for film. Presented together with the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival it was again possible to bring in a filmmaker, Greek director Michalis Konstantatos, not to do a round-table interview or press conference, but to join this funny little family that had just cooked him dinner.  

Dorota Chrobak, Poland
Adam Kruk, Poland
Elli Mastorou, Belgium
Aıstė Račaıtytė, Lithuania
Judit Vajda, Hungary
Artur Zaborski, Poland

Chusa Lopéz Monjas, Spain

Michalis Konstantatos, Greece