Niedzila na wsi

25 – 28 July 2013 in Wroclaw, Poland

As the New Horizons film festival in Wroclaw was coming to an end, a small group of cinephiles gathered in an experimental-looking house outside the city next to the forest: eight young film critics and journalists from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland who met for three days to watch films, discuss and exchange ideas and experiences. They met with EFA Members Jakub Duszynski, distributor from Poland, and Peter Paul Huth, veteran film critic for German broadcaster ZDF. 

Throughout the weekend, they watched WHAT’S THIS FILM CALLED LOVE? by Mark Cousins (UK), NOCHE by Leonardo Brzezicki (Argentina), FLOATING SKYSCRAPERS by Tomasz Wasilewski (Poland) and L’INCONNU DU LAC by Alain Guiraudie (France). They cooked for and ate with Polish critic & jury member Błażej Hrapkowicz and with the directors Mark Cousins, Leonardo Brzezicki and Tomasz Wasilewski. Most of all, they got to know each other and discussed, sometimes passionately, their views, over breakfast, after screenings, while preparing dinner, around a bonfire and pool, and well into the night: What’s the responsibility, if there is one, of a critic towards (national) film productions? And towards the reader? What is the reality for film critics in different countries? Who are idols in film journalism? How realistically should sex be portrayed in film? 

This was the second edition of A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY bringing together film critics and journalists to discuss outside of the restraints and busy schedules of festivals and offices, to share their different experiences and, possibly above all, their passion for film. Presented together with the T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival it was again possible to bring in some filmmakers, not to do a round-table interview or press conference, but to join this funny little family that had just cooked them dinner. 

Bartosz Czartoryski, Poland
Nicolas Gilson, Belgium
Bálint Kovács, Hungary
Luís Mendonça, Portugal
Adriana Prodeus, Poland
Ola Salwa, Poland
Tomas Stejskal, Czech Republic
Muriele Weber, Switzerland

Peter Paul Huth, Germany

Leonardo Brzezicki, director, Argentina
Mark Cousins, director, UK
Błażej Hrapkowicz, film critic, Poland
Tomasz Wasilewski, director, Poland