A Sunday in the Country in Wroclaw (Poland)

The EFA project A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY is always an adventure: we bring together a group of individuals, most of whom don’t know each other, to spend a couple of days together as a family watching films, discussing, cooking and eating together. For the first time we did this with a group of young film critics and journalists  from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Portugal.
They met with EFA Members Jakub Duszynski, distributor from Poland, and Jean Roy from France, veteran 
film critic for L’Humanité.

Throughout the weekend, they watched POST TENEBRAS LUX, DE JUEVES A DOMINGO and 33 SCENES FROM LIFE, they took a tour of Wroclaw, and they cooked for and had dinner with Carlos Reygadas, Dominga Sotomayor and Bela Tarr. Most of all, they discussed, talked and exchanged views. What is the reality for film critics in different countries? Is it possible to make a living by writing about film? 

It appears an important and gratifying task to bring together film critics and journalists to discuss outside of the restraints and busy schedules of festivals and offices, to exchange their different experiences and, possibly above all, to share their passion for film. Even more so, if it is possible to bring in some filmmakers, not to do a round-table interview or press conference, but to join this special little family that has just cooked them dinner. 

A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY in Wroclaw was realised in co-operation with the t-mobile new horizons international film festival.