A Sunday in the Country in Girona

A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY in Girona, 24 - 27 September 2010

Can Piferrer, a small 18th-century farmhouse somewhere in the green hills not far from the picturesque town of Girona was the venue for this year’s SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY. The annual encounter brings together young and up-coming European filmmakers with EFA members & experts, this time distributor Jakub Duszyński from Poland, German director/screenwriter Dani Levy and Spanish producer Antonio Saura.
An inspirational atmosphere surrounded the place from the moment of the group’s first encounter: Whether it was preparing dinner together, watching each other’s films, or discussing present and future projects while wandering the streets of the old town of Girona or inspecting ancient filmmaking equipment at the Museu del Cinema - The surrounding mountains, quiet and deserted, were inspiration for a lot of creative output: a communal idea, an eerie picture, a magic little story…
The experts’ feedback, representing the different perspectives within the industry, was as valuable and productive as talking about the participants’ own films. A special surprise came when Hungarian director Bálint Szimler received the message that his short film HERE I AM was nominated at the Drama International Short Film Festival for this year’s European Film Awards. What an encouraging perspective at the end of A SUNDAY IN THE COUNTRY in Catalonia!

A Sunday in the Country in Girona

A Sunday in the Country in Girona

“I felt very grateful to be invited to A Sunday in the Country. It was a really lovely weekend amongst strangers that immediately became friends and loving and supportive colleagues. The three days with laughter, inspiration from watching each other’s films and intense conversation spoken in languages from all over the European map, completely summed up what cinema is: human relationships and unique experiences told in a universal language. It was a great joy and privilege to be a part of.”

- Frederikke Aspöck -

“I loved everything about this trip, most of all the simplicity. It’s very rare that for once, an event simply focuses around the very people it brings together. It refilled my mental batteries for long while and really gave me the kick I needed to get seriously back to the real work. It was such a genuine pleasure to discover the broad variety of films and stories in this perfect context. Somehow made me wonder why it doesn’t happen more often, might it be at festivals or anywhere else. I might get too emotional but still, it felt great to discover that many many beautiful things are happening now in Europe and that truly all is there for people to move and collaborate together.”

- Olivier Boonjing -

“I came back home with a fresh breath of inspiration and motivation, which is the most important thing. I have a lot of friends that are actors and they always have the chance to stimulate each other in their workshops and on the set. But directors are quite lonely, its always you by yourself and with a lot of pressure. So I found it very nurturing to share work, comradely, support, experience, knowledge, respectful and valuable critique, and feelings with other directors, it’s so very enriching. I wish I could count with this space more often.”

- Eduardo Chapero-Jackson -

“Just to let you know how happy and grateful I am for your Sunday in the Country initiative! It was a real treat and my pleasure to be part of it. It was a fabulous time, lots of inspirations and discoveries… and I was overwhelmed by these young filmmakers and their works.

It was a perfect balance between relaxed atmosphere yet at the same time good working environment, where people can share ideas.”

- Jakub Duszynski -

“It’s like traveling to a different zone. To arrive Friday night at a desolated Spanish farm, during a huge cloudburst. And then to meet about 20 new people, and start drinking a brutal mix of European spirits. If this is a metaphor of the Europan Film Academy, it certainly isn’t a dull community. And after two days I’m gone, Monday morning 3 a.m. Back to daily life, with a lot of memories in my mind, images of films I saw, snatches of the inspiring conversations we had. What counts and what made the weekend valuable is the intensity of it all, however brief the encounter was. And when we meet again, we will have a shared history, that’s something to cherish dearly.”

- David Lammers -

“I was very delighted, when I received the invitation to be part of A Sunday in the Country. I had a great weekend and enjoyed very much to meet all the talented filmmakers from all over Europe. It was great to watch all the movies, to discuss them in a relaxed, confidential and even funny atmosphere. To meet Dani, Jakub and Antonio, watch and discuss movies, and even prepare lunch with them was a once in a lifetime-experience!”

- Daniel Texter -

Gabriel Abrantes - director, Portugal
Elisa Amoruso - director, Italy
Frederikke Aspöck - director, Denmark
Olivier Boonjing - director/cinematographer, Belgium
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson - director, Spain
Alexandra Dahlström - director/actress, Sweden
Maximilian Erlenwein - director/screenwriter, Germany
Kim Gázquez - director, Spain
Belén Gómez - director, Spain
Anna Kazejak - director, Poland
David Lammers - director, the Netherlands
Bálint Szimler - director, Hungary
Daniel Texter - director/screenwriter, Luxembourg

Jakub Duszyński - distributor, Poland
Dani Levy - director/screenwriter, Germany
Antonio Saura - producer, Spain

Nikola Joetze - event management & TV sales
Klaudia Matschoß - accounting & membership administration

Carlos Cuadros - director
Enrique Bocanegra - co-ordinator of cultural activities
Clara Agusti - Liaison Cultural Activities Barcelona

Academía de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematograficas de España
Ajuntamento de Girona
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Museu del Cinema